Atama Mundial 9 BJJ Gi Review

Doing Brazilian jiu jitsu right requires the correct uniform. Wearing the right gi not only provides keeps a BJJ practitioner but also shows that they respect their training and the sport itself.

When it comes to the right Brazilian jiu jitsu uniform, people need to make sure that they have the proper gi that is also strong enough to withstand the rigorous workout that they will be putting it through. One of the best uniforms out there that meet these needs is the Atama Mundial 9.

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One online Atama gi review candidly stated that the Mundial 9 is not a bling BJJ gi. This claim holds true. Patches are very minimal with only a large embroidered logo on each shoulder. Aside from that, it has an embroidered logo on the shin and an Atama woven patch on the top of the thigh.

It also has a branded Atama tape found inside the trouser leg, inside the wrists of the jacket and on the skirt. Because the patches are embroidered, people are assured that these logos cannot be removed even by the strongest of grips.

This shows that sometimes less is in fact more. At the same time, the simple and great design embodies the quality that Atama has carried on for many years.

This once again proves that people who wear an Atama Mundial 9 takes their Brazilian jiu jitsu very seriously. The gi is made from Carioca weave material that has no seams at the back. The same material is found throughout to give this BJJ gi a one-weave construction.

It also features a tapered body and sleeves to leave less for the user’s opponent to grab. Apart from that, it has a cut that is roomy in the shoulders in order to provide greater mobility.


Many people state that the Atama Mundial 9 has a tailored fit to the cut. An online gi review also stated that there are no excess materials on the body, arms or legs for the opponent to grip. Unfortunately, some people see this as a drawback.

Unlike other GI brands on the market, it has very short arms. The top of the GI is made from a durable light pearl weave. Because of this, it is light in weight and feels very supple and comfortable when worn.

This gi is much lighter than the double weave and feels softer than the Mundial 7. However, one review noted a drawback. According to them, it takes time for the Mundial 9 to fully settle and shrink.

It generally takes an estimated six to seven washes for people to shrink the gi to the way they like it. At the same time, some users complain that they are too baggy at the back especially at the butt. Some users also complain that the gi is too stiff for their liking.

atama gi reviewSize Chart

 Height  Weight(LBS)  Size
 5’3”- 5’7”  110-145  A-1
 5’6”­- 5’11”  145-175  A-2
 5’9”- 6’1”  175-210  A-3
 6’2”- 6’5”  210-255  A-4
 6’0”- 6’6”  255-305  A-5
 6’4”+  305+  A-6


The Atama Mundial 9 is a Brazilian jiu jitsu uniform that is designed to be extremely comfortable and last through whatever people can put it through. Both the pants and the collar are made from rip stop material. This is used by to give the Mundial 9 greater tear resistance and strength while keeping it lightweight.

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The Atama Mundial 9 is manufactured from what appears to be a very densely woven pearl weave that is coarse to the touch. It also has a collar that is average in thickness but incredibly stiff. This is something that many users think Atama should improve in terms of comfort.

The lapel is made from a core of EVA foam and is covered well in ripstop. The foam core helps the collar keep its original shape. At the same time, it helps the gi dry quicker. This is because the EVA core does not hold any water after being washed. It is also very stiff to make it hard for an opponent to have a decent grip.

However, an Atama gi review discovered that the Mundial 9 does not have a underarm reinforcement patch. Most BJJ gis on the market have this patch. Given the lengths that Atama has gone to in designing this GI, some people do not consider it a cost saving measure.

The sleeve cuffs of the jacket are neatly lined with branded tape. In a number of BJJ gis, this tape can be very scratchy. Fortunately, it is soft on the Mundial 9. Some Atama gi reviews also describe the side vents of the jacket as very generous. They are lined with more ripstop that gives them a sturdier look.


The pants of the Mundial 9 are made from ripstop cotton. Unlike other BJJ gi trousers that are too waxy or thin, the Mundial 9’s pants are a perfect balance between weight and strength. They also feel very comfortable with no sensation of waxy, sweaty stiffness that plagues other kinds of ripstop trousers.

Aside from that, they feel very comfortable with no sensation of waxy stiffness and sweat. However, some believe that the cord of the pants seems a bit short. Tying it up seems to leave little room for any excess girth. It also does not come apart when rolling.

The Mundial 9’s trousers have a double lining that extends above the knee up to the base. This exhibits attention to detail. This is not the case with other gis on the market that have a double lining. The knee area is also reinforced for added durability down to the ankle.

Atama Mundial 9 BJJ GI Review


The Atama Mundial 9 is an outstanding BJJ uniform that is manufactured with high-quality components. The attention to detail is staggering. Although there are some things that Atama should improve on in the next version, the features outweigh these disadvantages to make it the perfect outfit for both competition and training.

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