Atama Single Weave BJJ Gi Review

Made in Brazil, the Atama Single Weave is designed to be a “bare bones” lightweight and breathable gi that will still be durable for consistent use. The thin fabric and roomy cut make the Single Weave one of the most comfortable gis available, while the tapered sleeves and pants legs make it difficult for an opponent to grasp. All said, the Single Weave is an excellent lightweight gi made by an excellent company.

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The design of the Single Weave is rather simple, with only two patches, one on each shoulder, constituting its embellishments. While this may not be nearly enough flare for some, others will appreciate the simple, more traditional styling. The Single Weave comes in blue, black, and white, with each one featuring slightly differing colors of stitching on the patches to allow for better contrast.


As mentioned, the fabric and cut of the Single Weave make it an extremely comfortable gi. The fabric was made to breath, specifically designed and marketed for summertime use, and is said to be comfortably soft as well. The cut of the Single Weave has extra room in the shoulders, making it a great choice for larger fighters and a great choice still for fighters who enjoy the comfort that the extra room provides. The only complaint about the fit and comfort of the Single Weave is that the pants are known to shrink considerably after washing. Though the gi claims a standard shrinkage of 5%, some reviews of the Single Weave say that the pants shrunk much more than that, almost to the point that they weren’t comfortable to wear anymore after multiple washings.

Atama Single WeaveSize Chart

 Height  Weight(LBS)  Size
 5’2”- 5’5”  110-145  A-1
 5’5”­- 5’9”  140-175  A-2
 5’9”-6’1”  175-210  A-3
 6’2”- 6’5”  210-255  A-4
 6’0”- 6’6”  255-305  A-5
 6’4”+  305+  A-6


When it comes right down to it, the Single Weave is just that: a thin, single weave, meaning that it’s simply not going to take the abuse that the thicker weaves will. Such is the tradeoff for the light, breathable design. Still, the Single Weave is made to be as durable as it possibly can be, and Atama did a good job with this. The pants of the Single Weave are double reinforced in the knees and in the crotch, and the jacket is reinforced in all the standard areas as well. One aspect that some found issue with concerning the durability of the Single Weave is that the jacket is not made from a single piece of material, meaning that it has a seam down the back. Still, reviews of the Single Weave have said to have practiced in it for years with no problems.

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Simple and lightweight, the jacket is what you would expect from a basic, summertime gi. As the name suggests, the fabric of the jacket is a single weave, meaning that it breathes well and is highly comfortable. On top of this, features such as the tapered sleeves and an extra thick collar provide a competitive edge when grappling. The jacket is not constructed from a single piece of material, and the design is not as extravagant as some would prefer, but the Single Weave jacket still serves its purpose as a lightweight yet durable jacket pleasingly well.


Like the jacket, the pants of the Single Weave are made form 100% cotton, making them a little unique in the fact that they are not made from ripstop material. Some will see this as a drawback, and others as a plus. Either way, the durability of the pants seems solid, with reinforcements and extra stitching in the standard areas of stress. Despite the complaint about the shrinking and the fact that the waistband only has two belt loops, the Single Weave pants are also said to be quite comfortable, soft, and breathable as well.

Atama Single Weave BJJ GI Review


If you practice in a hotter area or are looking to purchase a gi for summertime use, a single weave construction is hard to beat. Of these, the Atama Single Weave is one of the best made options available. The cut and fabric are made to provide an excellent balance of comfort and function, while the reinforcements in all the stress areas ensure that the Single Weave will last as well.

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