Atama Gis: Old-School Charm and Modern Functionality

At a little over twenty-five years old, Atama has been providing gis and other apparel to the Brazilian jiu jitsu market than most any other company that’s still around today. Through this time, they have made their reputation as one of the most recognizable names in the industry, representing quality and class and producing gis that are the standard that other companies compare to.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the history of Atama and some of the success and accomplishments they’ve had over these twenty-five years, as well as a brief insight into the extraordinary line of gis that they produce.

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The History and Approach of Atama

Since its founding in 1989, Atama has been serving well the martial arts world. On top of Atama’s considerable amount of gis that they produce, the company is also one of the foremost providers for gear such as gloves, rash guards, and grappling shorts.

Part of the reason that Atama has been able to maintain such a respected line of products for such a considerable amount of time is the fact that their entire operation is done out of a single warehouse in Portugal, one that is entirely staffed with fighters and practitioners in the art rather than people who have never trained before. This gives Atama expertise at all levels of production and makes sure that no errors are overlooked. Combine this with a company that strives for the most excellent customer service and you have Atama.

It is an approach has certainly worked well for them. Besides being one of the oldest and most recognized names in the industry, Atama is also one of the few companies able to boast that they support fighters on every continent except Antarctica, making them truly of world-renowned success.

Atama Gis

atama gi review

Atama Mundial

No matter what approach they took, Atama would not be able to maintain the success that they have had unless they continued to produce top-of-the-line, quality gis. Looking at their current line, it’s easy to see that they have kept the standard high.

The gis that they have available include their Single Weave, a well reinforced yet lightweight gi that is made to breathe well during summer practice, the New Light, a gi made entirely from military grade ripstop material that is equally as comfortable and strong as they come, the Mundial, Atama’s champion gi that is built to last, and a series of gis made for women and children as well, such as the fully pink and quality built Kyra Gracie Series gi.

For twenty-five years, Atama has been making gis such as these, and they have honed their craft to a science, merging their old-school flare and modern design with beautiful results.

Atama Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kimonos

Choosing Atama

If you decide to let Atama outfit you with your next gi, you’ll be making a choice that has been echoed by fighters for over two decades. Even today, it’s a choice that is nearly guaranteed to please. On top of their impressive selection of gis, the customer service that you’ll be buying into as well is beyond compare.

As mentioned, Atama only employs those with background in martial arts, meaning the people working in their customer support will be capable of answering your questions in a manner that only experience can produce. More important than that, though, is the quality of the gis that Atama produces.

With their successful approach, attention to detail, and highly competitive gis, it’s easy to believe that Atama will be around for more decades to come, and that fighters will be wearing their gis at competitions and practice for as long as the sport exists.