How To Find The Best BJJ Gi: Ultimate Guide

Buying a Brazilian jiu jitsu gi is a fun but sometimes confusing experience. This is because there are lots of options out there.

What is worse is that some explanations that aim to help people purchase the Best Jiu Jitsu Gi often do not make any sense.

To help you choose the Best Jiu Jitsu Gi we’ve put together this resource – all-inclusive guide to help you find the best brazilian jiu jitsu gi that fits not only your needs but your budget.

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Things To Consider When Buying a Gi

In order for an individual to purchase the Best BJJ Gi, there are several things to remember.

Gi ColorGi Color

Today, jiu jitsu practitioners can purchase many gi styles made from different colors. The sport’s traditional colors are white, blue and black. These colors also the only IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation) approved colors for competition. See the IBJJF rules here.

For training, people can purchase a BJJ gi with any color of their liking. However, it is important for them to check with the gym or school that they are training at to determine what color is appropriate.

If you want to personalise your gi and express yourself on the mat in your own customized gi check out Happy Kimonos.

If you are looking a gi for your grappling dummy we suggest you to buy a dark’ish color gi.


Cost should also be a consideration when an individual is buying their gi kit. They should always bear in mind that BJJ gis are more costly due to economics. This is because there are more judo, taekwondo and karate students than BJJ students around the globe. Aside from that, BJJ uniforms are tougher than the majority of martial arts uniforms out there.

This sport requires uniforms that are very strong in every area of their design. Tough gis such as those that are made from double weave fabrics cost more than those that were manufactured from a single weave. More on weaves read below.

Here is a quick break down list of recommended gis in 3 price ranges. This page contains all reviews of BJJ


Aside from the cost, it is also important for individuals to determine the Best BJJ Gi brand that they want to buy their BJJ gis from. This is because many of these brands utilize different technologies in creating their products. Check out to see some of the different brands of gis. And that’s not even half of the ones you can buy.

best bjj giPhoto Credit: Meerkatsu

SizingGi Sizing

Aside from looking at the cost and manufacturer brands, it is also important for an individual to determine the gi’s sizing. BJJ gis usually come in sizes that range from A0 to A5. The A stands for adult sizing while the number represents the different sizes for an adult with a higher number representing a bigger size.

Gi SizingWhat makes this confusing is that every manufacturer utilizes these sizes differently. Because of this, it is vital for an individual to never tie themselves down to a certain size. They should often check the manufacturer’s chart that is specific to the gi that they are buying. At the same time, the sizing for kids follows a different pattern. It may be M0 to M4.

Another reason why sizing is important when purchasing a Brazilian jiu jitsu gi is that it affects the wearer’s performance. A gi that is too tight can decrease agility considerably. On the other hand, a garb that is too loose will often be distracting and uncomfortable. A good sized gi is often a bit loose in the crotch. This allows a fighter to perform a number of different leg movements with ease.

ShrinkShrink the Gi

Another important thing that people should assess prior to making a purchase is the gi’s shrinking capability. Nowadays, the majority of gi’s are manufactured from pre-shrunk cotton. With this, people do not have to worry about their material shrinking. However, there are options out there for shrink-to-fit gis.

These kinds of gis have to be washed until they fit just right. In order to get the right size, people should periodically get the gi out of the washer in order to check it. If an individual wants to have a uniform that is exactly their size, they should purchase a shrink-to-fit gi. Unfortunately, this is often a bit higher maintenance, and they run the risk of over-shrinking.


Probably the most important thing that people should consider when purchasing the best BJJ gi is the weave. This is because the weave found in a gi determines its thickness, weight and durability. There are several types of weaves that a Brazilian jiu jitsu gi can be made from.

Single Weave

The single weave is considered the most basic Brazilian jiu jitsu gi. It is a popular type of weave because it is cheap and light due to less material being used in construction. It also utilizes the same fabric twisting pattern that is commonly found in a double weave.

Due to their lightweight nature, they are a great choice for Brazilian jiu jitsu enthusiasts who are competing in hotter weather conditions during summer. A single weave jiu jitsu gi is also perfect for people who are starting to try out this martial art. This is because they do not need to make a big investment in order to get rolling.

Although this is perfect for beginners and people who are competing in hot weather, there are a number of disadvantages that are found in a jiu jitsu gi that is made from these weaves. One of them is that they are not as durable as other weaves. At the same time, it will be easier for their opponent to grab their gi while maintaining a strong grip.

single weaveAn example of a “honeycomb” single weave. Photo Credit: Meerkatsu

Double Weave 

The double weave contains the same pattern that is found in a single weave jiu jitsu gi. However, the main difference is that it is done twice over. What makes this weave one of the best out there is that it provides more thickness, durability and weight than a single weave,

It is also considered advantageous in a competition because it is more difficult for an opponent to grab the gi and to maintain a strong grip. However, this thickness and durability also provides a disadvantage for its wearer.

The double weave gi’s thickness makes it hard for a competitor who is wearing one to maneuver especially if it is not the right fit. Aside from that, they are more expensive to purchase. These disadvantages are the main reason why they have fallen out of favor with many Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioners.

double weaveDouble weave from Atama. Photo Credit: Meerkatsu

Gold Weave 

Gold weave is considered to be the godchild of the double weave and single weave. It is primarily intended to take the best properties of both worlds. This provides the thickness and durability of a double weave with the weight found in a single weave. Today, many competitors consider it to be one of the best BJJ gi weaves out there.

This is because its unique properties provide advantages to the wearer during a competition. However, this does not come cheap since it will cost a Brazilian jiu jitsu enthusiast some money.

gold weaveGold weave from Faixa rua. Photo Credit: Meerkatsu

Other Weaves 

The majority of the best jiu jitsu gi manufacturers have their own unique proprietary weave that is frequently hard to understand especially when it is compared to the weaves mentioned. These include ripstop weave, honeycomb weave, platinum weave and pearl weave. Basically, these weaves are somewhere between a gold weave and a single weave. While the majority of light Gis are single weaves, some ultra light Gis fall in the other weave category. This is because they need to have a much stronger weave in order to allow for fewer materials to be used in construction.

pearl weavePearl weave from Gameness. Photo Credit: Meerkatsu


A typical single weave that has an A-2 grade will often weigh between 1.8 to 1.6 kilograms. Golds are a bit heavier at around two kilograms. Doubles are considered the heaviest. It is important for an individual to determine the weight of their jiu jitsu gi as this has a huge say in how they perform during practice or in a competition.

The best BJJ gis for individuals who are training in very hot weather are generally lighter. Aside from that, they will greatly help those who are close to the weight limit in their division.

A recent trend in the best jiu jitsu gis is what is called the competition or ultra light gi. What is unique about these gis is that they are so thin that they dry out very fast after they have been washed. They are also a bit cheaper than the bigger uniforms.


The uniform’s thickness is another important property that people should look into before purchasing a Brazilian jiu jitsu gi. A thicker jiu jitsu gi often makes it harder for their opponent to grab them and maintain a strong hold. This makes sense when people think how hard it is to grab a thick leather jacket as opposed a t-shirt. The tighter they can close their fist, the stronger their grip is and the more control they have.

Collar FillCollar Fill

bjj gi collar

The collar should also be checked before purchasing a BJJ gi. A number of collars found on Gi are filled with rubber, and others are filled with cotton. Many competitors preferred a collar that is filled with rubber because, while they are uncomfortable to wear, they make it difficult for an opponent to choke them.

Aside from that, the rubber also has a slightly different feel. It also reduces the formation of bacteria and dries faster. Due to these advantages, the best BJJ gi are often made with rubber collars as they are steadily becoming popular for both competitions and training.


gi jacket sleeves

The sleeves of a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi should also be checked before buying. The main reason is that big sleeves are a disadvantage to a competitor and an advantage to their opponent. It allows an opponent to easily grip them for a spider or other kinds of open guard techniques.

In contrast, a jiu jitsu gi that has narrower sleeves can often hinder the efforts of a practitioner and in a number cases cause disqualification according to the tournament rules implemented by the IBJJF. These state that the gi sleeve opening should be approximately seven centimeters when it is fully extended.


bjj gi trousers

A lot of competitors place a high importance on the comfort, reinforcements weight and stitching of the trousers. Because of this, it is critical for an individual to take a closer look at the jiu jitsu trousers that they are buying. Always remember that the best jiu jitsu gi will not easily rip especially during a competition.

Another important thing that people should look into is belt ties. The best BJJ gi has belt ties that have knotted ends and are much thicker than other jiu jitsu gis found on the market today. This makes it harder to come undone or loose.


One of the most important things that people should look for when purchasing a Brazilian jiu jitsu gi is durability. Brazilian jiu jitsu requires a lot of throwing and gripping, and a very weak garment does not have the capability to withstand such vigorous activity.

Unlike a single weave that is much lighter, a double weave offers robustness and strength needed for the best BJ gi. This enables them to last longer than a single weave jiu jitsu uniform.

However, people have a hard time choosing between easy to handle and light weight gi or a sturdy jiu jitsu gi. At the same time, the Best BJJ gi brands that have double weaves have fallen out of favor among practitioners. This is because their stiffness and weight can be very restrictive during a competition.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the bjj gi can often be a hard task. However, people can choose an outfit that can provide them with comfort and durability while not hindering their performance at a very affordable price. At the same time, brands such as Atama, Vulkan and Koral are improving their products every year. Besides, satisfied competitors often come back to the brand that helps them win.