How To Buy The Best Karate Gi

Searching for the best karate gi online hasn’t ever been easier. With so many styles, material choices and sizes there has always been confusion when trying to find a quality sparring uniform. Have no fear, because the following information highlights the most popular gis that martial artist recommend. Save yourself time, money and heartache from the department store karate uniform with our expert advice

Advice for First Time Buyers

How To Buy The Best Karate GiThere are many specifics first time buyers should be aware of when deciding to purchase a best karate gi. There are two specific styles of gi to choose from, student or heavyweight. The student otherwise known as standard gi is designed to be as comfortable as possible.

These gis are lightweight in design demonstrating a mixture between cotton and polyester materials. The student gi is a bit stronger in composition then a standard cotton t-shirt, but does not offer the same capabilities as a heavyweight gi. The heavyweight uniform receives its name from the 100% cotton composition.

Currently, heavyweight gis are the most durable option offered. These gis have larger cuffs and collars than the student option to distinguish themselves apart. The most notable difference of the heavyweight gi is the “snap” associated with movement in the gi. During training, users of the heavyweight gi will be able to hear their movements crisper than those who use the student gi.

It is recommended for first time buyers or entry level martial artists to begin with the student karate gi to become accustomed to basic movements as quickly as possible. Using the heavyweight gi can make the learning curve for karate steeper for beginners.

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Pro Force Lightweight Gi

The Pro Force Lightweight Gi is an excellent choice for young and old martial artists. This karate gi is compiled of 55% cotton 45% polyester blend material. Also, the gi exhibits reinforced stitching for the best durability for an amazing cost. Consumers found this karate uniform popular for the same attributes and intangibles unique to the Pro Force brand. This gi is recommended for warm weather use since its composition is very breathable.

Customers purchase this gi for their children primarily because the elastic waist bands secure the gi firmly without any sag after multiple uses. Pro Force designed this gi by establishing quality to be enjoyed at an economical price.
Although the Pro Force Lightweight Gi is a favorite among online consumers, there are a few shortcomings that everyone should take into account.

While this gi is durable to withstand karate routines and sparring, this uniform isn’t recommended for major grappling styles. The amount of give is maximized and could cause damage over time, but is still a solid choice for those martial artists who practice non grappling techniques. This gi is also suited towards children rather than adults. The breathable nature of the cotton and polyester blend is adequate for the average adult but doesn’t allow for enough ventilation for those who profusely perspire. Regardless of these shortcomings, most customers choose Pro Force as their first choice for karate uniforms.

ProForce 5oz. Ultra Lightweight Student Uniform

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi

The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi from Your Jiu Jitsu Gear is the ultimate compromise for adept martial artists. This student karate gi is more durable than the standard gis because of its double woven construction. Consumers of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi recommend its use for karate because of the overall quality of construction for its affordable price. This gi is usually compared to more expensive professional gis.

The sizes the gi comes in are slightly larger than the traditional adult sizes, but most wearers state after the first few washes the over sizing is no longer an issue.

The only complaint from consumer reports of this Jiu Jitsu gi is in regards to sizing. Some consumers found their uniform a bit too large for their preferences.

Those who reported the oversized uniforms choose to change the pants to keep everything in proportion. The development team of Your Jiu Jitsu gear has noted these issues and always available to reach for improved sizing options and speedy turnaround shipping to address all customer complaints. The attention to customer request and handling issues promptly are the factors that keep this gi distributor in high demand online.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Uniform Review

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Hayashi Heavyweight Karate Uniform

The Hayashi heavyweight karate gi is one of the most cost effective solutions for the seasoned martial artist. This 100% cotton uniform is designed to only weigh 14 ounces in its entirety. The bottoms of the uniform come with either drawstring or elastic waistbands depending on customer preference.

The best feature Hayasi offers those looking for a heavyweight uniform are the multiple color options. The elements of freedom in this heavyweight gi are only limited by one’s own capabilities. These gis have been noted to resist shrinking after many thorough washes, thus proving the pure cotton construction superior to other karate uniform designs.

The setbacks associated with the Hayashi heavyweight uniform include wash capabilities, the elastic band and the user’s experience level. If the white version of the gi is selected, normal washing practices may not be capable of achieving the original brightness as the uniform was shipped. This can be corrected with special detergents found locally to preserve the karate uniform.

Many adults don’t enjoy the elastic band due to comfort issues, but these pants can be switched with the drawstring option. Finally, this gi is suited towards those who have martial arts experience beyond the beginner level, so beginners should consider other student gi options for purchase.

Hayashi Heavyweight Karate Uniform

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Each of these selections is a great choice for a best karate gi. Keep cost in low with any of these choices to benefit your athletics budget. It’s important to remember each of these uniforms were reviewed and tested to give the best options available online. The standard of quality remains high reassuring that value is kept as a paramount. Use all of the information on sizing, gi construction, durability and skill level to assist in the most optimal choice for your karate needs.