Break Point Ultra Light BJJ Gi Review

Comfortable and affordable are the best descriptions for the Break Point Ultra light. At $109.99, it won’t break the bank for someone looking to get started in Brazilian jiu jitsu and is functional enough for an experienced pro looking to add a quality ultralight gi to their rotation. At an average weight of 3.5 pounds, the Ultra Light is also an excellent choice for someone needing to make weight at their next competition or to simply provide a competitive edge in grappling.

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The design of the Ultra Light is simple yet attractive. Rather than patches, Break Point decided to go with embroideries of their logo on the Ultra Light, which many feel is a nice touch. These embroideries can be found on the shoulders and the left pants leg and are done in red contrast stitching. Contrast stitching is used throughout the rest of the gi as well, giving it a little more flare than it would otherwise have.


Most all reviews of the Break Point Ultra Light have said that the comfort of the gi is absolutely astounding, particularly the pants. The material is soft and lightweight, and the fit is roomy. So roomy, in fact, that some have complained that the jacket is baggier than is usually preferred, making it easier to grab during a competition. Still, the comfort of the gi is without question. The twill cotton pants are said to be some of the lightest and softest pants available today, so much so that they appear to be the main reason the gi is able to achieve its weight of 3.5 pounds.

Concerning the fit, the Ultra Light is pre washed, meaning that shrinkage should be at a minimum, but some users have still experienced shrinking in the jacket after multiple washings.

Size Chart

 Height  Weight(LBS)  Size
 5’2”- 5’5”  110-135  A-0
 5’5”­- 5’8”  135-160  A-1
 5’8”-5’11”  160-185  A-2
 5’11”- 6’2”  185-220  A-3
 6’2”- 6’4”  220-255  A-4
 6’3”- 6’4”  255-285  A-5


Break Point Ultra Light Gi ReviewThough it is a thin material and an ultralight design, there are several steps taken to ensure the durability of the Ultra Light. One of these, is the fact that the jacket is made from a pearl weave rather than the single weave found on many lightweight gis, giving it some added strength. On top of this, the jacket and pants alike are well reinforced in all the standard stress areas, and the pants are made from twill cotton, which many feel is more durable than the ripstop cotton used on most lightweight gis.

The only complaint about the durability of the Ultra Light is that some have had issues with the seams at the collar tearing and fraying, but even still, for a 3.5 pound gi, the Ultra Light is a surprisingly durable option.

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The jacket of the Ultra Light is made from a single piece of pearl weaved cotton fabric with no seams on the back, a feature that is pretty well standard but is still nice to see. Reinforcements can be found in the armpits and side vents, and seam tape is placed around the collar.

Though the bagginess of the jacket is a plus for comfort, some may be concerned that it makes the jacket a little easier for an opponent to get a grip on.


Most would agree that the pants of the Ultra Light are the better half of the gi. They are said to be remarkably light and comfortable, so much so to the point that it doesn’t feel like you are wearing gi pants at all. To increase durability, the pants are reinforced in the knees and, like the jacket, have seam tape running around the cuffs.

On top of this, the pants of the Ultra Light feature something of a unique tying system, which, once you are used to it, allows for greater control of the fit of the pants.


Considering the affordable price, the Ultra Light is one of the best ultralight gis available in terms of comfort and durability alike. Though most of its weight cutting is done in the pants, the jacket is said to be highly comfortable (if not a little baggy) as well, and the entire gi is well reinforced and made to last. All said, it is a great ultralight gi made by a respectable company at a hard-to-beat price.

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