Choosing the Best Cheap BJJ Gi – Guide

There is a saying that clothes make the man. This statement is just as true for BJJ enthusiasts. If an individual is serious about BJJ, they should know how vital it is to get to the mat dressed in the right way.

But with so many cheap bjj gi out there, people wonder which uniform is right for them. There are several important things that people should remember when purchasing a cheap jiu jitsu gi to make sure that they have a high quality product at an affordable price.

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Always Consider the Fit

A cheap BJJ gi that does not fit well will give its wearer all sorts of problems in competition and training. Because of this, it is important for people to make sure that their cheap jiu jitsu gi is not too loose or too tight. In order to achieve this, they should try out a cheap bjj gi at least three to two times to see if it perfectly suits their body type.

Cheap bjj gis sizes differ depending on the brand. People should never assume that their size is the same for all cheap jiu jitsu gi brands.

If an individual is purchasing a cheap bjj gi online and it is not possible for them to try it on, they need not to worry as most cheap jiu jitsu gi companies have a size chart that is based on weight and height. Some companies are considerate enough to make cheap BJJ gi sizes for heavier and taller people.

Do Not Forget the Colors

There are a number of academies that are not strict when it comes to BJJ gi colors. However, there are a number of BJJ training centers that only allow white and blue colored cheap BJJ gis while others only allow students to wear white jiu jitsu gis.

Many academies allow any kind of color as long as their school’s logo is represented through a patch. Nevertheless, if an individual chooses to participate in BJJ competitions, they should always adhere to the specifications that the IBJJF imposes. To give people an idea, they only allow black, blue and white cheap bjj gis.

At the same time, people should bear in mind that there are specific areas where patches can be placed. People should always remember this when they are trying to purchase a cheap jiu jitsu gi for competition use.

The Right Reinforcements in the Right Places

Another important thing that people should look at when choosing their cheap BJJ gi is that it has adequate reinforcements in the right places. The collar should be comfortable as well as resistant to all kinds of grapples and maneuvers. Aside from that, the hem should be compatible with the cloth’s weight but should not interfere with resistance.

Proper Fabric

There are a lot of cheap jiu jitsu gis that are made from different fabrics. Because of this, people should choose according to durability. The ones that are manufactured with 100 percent cotton are more hypoallergenic and durable. Cheap gis that are made from fabric that has not been dyed tend to undergo marked shrinking because they have not undergone a chemical process.

The Right Compromise

All of these properties can be found in one cheap BJJ gi. This is the Fuji All around Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi. It has an overall cut that perfectly fits its wearer. It also has a single weave fabric that is made from 100 percent cotton. This cheap BJJ gi provides a good collar thickness that feels less stiff than other brands.

Aside from that, it also has the right reinforcements at the right places with reinforcing twill tapes found on the jacket’s interior and on the base jacket hem and side vents. It also has a hemline that is comfortable and thick and does not interfere with the fabric’s resistance. For only $100, this cheap BJJ gi sets the standard for others out there.

For the full reviews of some of the best value gis have a look at our Top 3 Value gi reviews:

For the Ultimate Guide on how to choose BJJ Gi please visit this page.