Fuji BJJ Gi Review

Many of the leading Fuji gi reviews out there say that an entry level BJJ gi is defined by its price tag. The closer to $100 a Brazilian jiu jitsu gi is, the more likely it is to be considered an entry level gi. However, this label often has nothing to do with the gi’s quality. This is just a simple way to categorize a Brazilian jiu jitsu gi. However, many people are asking whether the Fuji BJJ single weave falls into this classification.

The answer is a simple yes. However, people should take a close look at why this is not just an ordinary Brazilian jiu jitsu gi for beginners and why it has become the gold standard for any company that wishes to introduce their entry level gis to the market.

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The Fuji NN Single Weave gi contains the Kassen Design. This is an all-around mid-weight design that is highly dependable and durable. It is also designed with a single weave that is thoroughly constructed to perform well under any circumstances.

It has a small patch at the bottom of the belt and an embroidered logo on the left arm and top. The rest of the uniform is completely plain. In short, this is not a highly fashionable Brazilian jiu jitsu gi. It was designed in order to withstand the harshest punishment that training or competition can inflict on the wearer. However, some online Fuji gi reviews claim that the patches are not secured properly. They can easily be removed when they are pulled.

To makes matter worse, sewing them on the Brazilian jiu jitsu uniform did not help. One user claims that the patch started to come apart after nine months. This is something that Fuji should improve on in the near future to secure their place in the ever-competitive jiu jitsu market.


One of the hallmarks of the Fuji BJJ single weave that makes it stand out from the competition is its comfort. Unlike other entry level Brazilian jiu jitsu gis, the single weave fabric is very comfortable and soft. This makes it great to wear for any user. This is different from many entry level BJJ gis that utilize pearl weave fabrics. These start off very stiff and only soften over time.

Another thing that people like about the Fuji BJJ Single Weave gi is its fit. It perfectly fits users in all areas. Many people also love the way that this Brazilian jiu jitsu gi hangs off their body. The jacket is very roomy and fits well over the shoulders. It is not tight on the armpits, and this allows users full motion.

The sleeves are also just right at about a half inch too long. Aside from that, the fabric is medium weight. In short, it is not too heavy or light. This makes it great for dual use even in hot weather.

fuji gi reviewSize Chart

 Height  Weight(LBS)  Size
 5’2”- 5’7”  110-140  A-1
 5’5”­- 5’11”  140-170  A-2
 5’9”- 6’1”  170-200  A-3
 6’0”- 6’4”  200-250  A-4
 6’0”- 6’4”  225-275  A-5
 6’2”- 6’6”  250-300  A-6


Some online gi reviews may say that people are only going to obtain a Brazilian jiu jitsu gi that is paper thin and will not hold up to the intensity of both competition and training for less than $100. However, this is not the case with the Fuji BJJ Single Weave Gi.

Many users claimed that their Fuji BJJ gi did not have a tear or hole after many years of use. This is because it utilizes reinforced stitching throughout the most common tear areas. Aside from that, Fuji’s single weave is one of the best on the market.

It is flexible and lightweight yet durable and strong. Another reason for its unique durability is that the Fuji BJJ single weave gi has good embroidery and stitching work. This makes it withstand even the strongest force that an opponent has to offer.

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The Fuji All Around gi jacket has basic judo-style fabric. Unlike other single weaves found on the market today, it does not shrink much. At the same time, it is well made, and all stitching is neatly done.

The collar thickness is quite good and less stiff than other Brazilian jiu jitsu gi brands. The reinforcement on the jacket is quite amazing. For instance, the cuffs are tapered with a strip of twill cotton. They are also triple stitched into position.

The material’s softness also avoids the scratchy effect than a number of woven cuffs can have. Aside from that, the interior of the gi jacket also has reinforced tapes that cover each seam.

This is something that many BJJ gi models often omit. Reinforced tapes are also applied to the base jacket hem and side vents for added durability. Although the jacket has tons of features that any BJJ enthusiast would surely appreciate, people have complained that the side wraps go too far and that the skirt is too long.


The trousers are manufactured from an adequately stiff karate style drill fabric. They are held up with the help of a simple flat cotton tie. However, some people find this quite annoying to tie together and when they try to pull it apart. This is because the cord tends to get stuck within the pants hem. It also gets worse when the pants are wet with sweat. Even though some individuals have complained about this, they do stayed tied.

It also has two belt loops that seem more sparse than those found in other BJJ gi models. Fortunately, they do not seem to provide any sort of problems especially when rolling.

Aside from that, the pants feature a double layer that covers the knee and extends all the way to the ankle. This ensures that the user’s knees have adequate coverage in any position. The interior gusset panel has little triangular patches made from cotton fabric. Those acts as reinforcements for weak zones.

Fuji All Around BJJ GI Review


People are quite impressed with this Brazilian jiu jitsu gi. At the $100 price range they are expecting a BJJ gi that is made from inferior materials. The opposite appears to be true. It is manufactured to very high standards, feels comfortable to roll in and fits great. This makes this BJJ gi an absolute bargain and a fantastic training gi for pros and beginners alike.

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