Fuji Sports: Prepare For Battle

Few companies stick to the history and tradition of the martial arts they provide gear for as well as Fuji. Thanks to this, as well as an excellent line of gloves, fight shorts, bags and Brazilian jiu jitsu gis, Fuji sports one of the most star-studded line of world famous fighters who are wearing their gear. In this article, we’ll take a more in-depth look at the history of Fuji, their current doings in the martial arts world, and the line of gis that they offer.

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A Longstanding History

For fifty years, Fuji has been supplying gear to fighters across the world, making them one of the oldest companies still around. Fuji was originally founded by Frank Hatashita in order to fill the need for quality gear for his group of judo affiliates. Since then, Frank Hatashita’s love for the sport has taken his company to incredible heights.

Now run by his daughter, Lia Hatashita, Fuji is one of the top choices of fighters across the nation, particularly for those studying Brazilian jiu jitsu. Starting in 2006, Fuji began to produce gis tailored towards Brazilian jiu jitsu fighters, making them one of the first companies to do so. Before this, Brazilian jiu jitsu fighters had to rely on wearing judo gis, but the thicker collared and lighter jiu jitsu gis produced by Fuji quickly took off.

Today, Fuji provides gear for judo, Brazilian jiu jitsu, karate, and MMA, sticking to Frank Hatashita’s original goal with every new product they make: to produce gear that is the entire package of fit, durability, functionality, and affordability.

Fuji Kassen II BJJ Gi Uniform Review

Fuji Kassen II

Abounding With Warriors

The meaning of the name Fuji is “abounding with warriors”, and this is certainly an apt description of the company that bears this name. Fighters that currently name Fuji as their brand of choice include Royler Gracie, Pedro Sauer, Relson Gracie, Jeff Curran, Igor Gracie, Jimmy Pedro, and Rolles Gracie, just to name a handful of the more famous warriors in which Fuji abounds.

On top of sporting some of the biggest names in the sport, Fuji is also crucial in making sure the world of martial arts continues to thrive. Frank Hatashita was crucial in getting judo accepted as an official Olympic sport and today, his daughter continues to beone of the most outspoken and active supporters of Brazilian jiu jitsu in the world. On their website, Fuji states that this ethic of supporting the sports and fighters that they love is more than just a consequence, it’s their entire brand.

Fuji Gis

As mentioned, Fuji began producing Brazilian jiu jitsu back in 2006. Since then, they have gone on to make some of the most effective and popular models of gis on the market. These gis include the affordable, basic, and functional gi known only as the Fuji BJJ Gi, the nearly indestructible Kassen II, and the lightweight yet sturdy Sekai.

On top of this great line of gis, Fuji also offers them in some of the most unique choices available, including a full camo version of the BJJ Gi and gis that are designed for women and children as well.

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Choosing Fuji

Deciding to let Fuji provide you with your next gi is certainly an admirable choice. For one, the quality of gis that they produce is unparalleled, but perhaps just as important as that is the cause that they support.

Even something as popular and powerful as the martial arts world needs someone in their corner, and Fuji fills this role, working to make sure that each and every one of the arts that they provide gear for are able to remain prevalent and at their peak. This mission, combined with their “entire package” goal guarantees that Fuji will be around for a long time to come.