Gameness Air – BJJ Gi Review

Gameness has manufactured a wide range of Brazilian jiu jitsu gis that include one of the few Brazilian jiu jitsu gis with rashguard linings and a number of lightweight gis. One of the most popular gis that the company has produced is the Gameness Air gi.

Many Gameness Air gi reviews state that this is one of the lightest gis on the market with a total weight of only 3.2 pounds. This is 6.4 ounces lighter than many BJJ gis sold today. At the same time, it has a number of features that make people consider this apparel to be a worthy investment.

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The Gameness Air is simple, plain-looking and seems designed for people looking for no-frills option. Unlike other Brazilian jiu jitsu gis, this uniform does not have a chest patch. The shoulder patch is updated to be longer and larger than its competitors.

The patch is printed in bold letters with the words Gameness Air with a big G for the Gameness logo. Many people believe that this patch is a bit simplistic. Fortunately, it is easily removable unlike the one under the Air’s collar and shoulder patches that are found on other gis.

The back of the Gameness Air gi is completely empty. This makes it ideal for people who like to add their own academy patches. Aside from that, the Gi’s pants are equally plain with no patches or logos whatsoever. The Gameness Air comes in black, blue and white for people who like a little bit of color. The blue gi actually has a deep royal blue hue, and it also can show slight signs of fading after many washes.


The blue Gameness Air fits perfectly with the jacket. However, some users claim that the pants are a bit too large on them. The white gi, on the other hand, is ultra tight after a wash especially in the armpits and shoulders. What is worse is that online Gameness Air gi reviews claim that the pants seem to be a bit smaller than a person’s actual size.

At the same time, some users claim that this Brazilian jiu jitsu gi’s draw string set could use a little bit of work. Instead of having two strings in the front, the Gameness Air has four strings that are evenly distributed on the pants. Because of this, the Gameness Air is not recommended for people who need a larger Brazilian jiu jitsu gi due to their upper body being larger than their waist.

In terms of comfort, this gi is definitely light but fits better the warmer it is. The Gameness Air white gi does not completely close like the blue Air gi. This helps the heat escape. The gi’s pants are definitely comfortable and very light.

The lack of two more loops hinders the gi’s capability to keep the pants straight. What is worse is that they can come off at times and tend to slide off occasionally. Mobility is not a problem with the blue and white Gameness Air gi.

gameness air gi reviewSize Chart

 Height  Weight(LBS)  Size
 5’0”- 5’4”  100-130  A-1
 5’4”­- 5’7”  125-150  A-2
 5’7”- 6’10”  145-180  A-3
 5’10”- 6’1”  170-215  A-4
 6’1”- 6’4”  210-250  A-5


The Gameness Air Gi is made from a 100 percent cotton weave, and Gameness Air gi reviewers are impressed with the overall quality of its craftsmanship. There are no missed stitches or frays on the gi even after it has been used for a sufficient period of time.

To add to this high quality construction, reinforcements are placed inside the jacket on the skirt and armpit making this gi almost indestructible. However, some people feel that the material that the gis are made from is a bit cheap. Despite its light weight, this Brazilian jiu jitsu gi will last for a very long time on the mats.

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The Gameness Air gi jacket includes all of the standard reinforcements. The gi’s jacket is simply sewn down and folded over on itself. However, some BJJ reviewers believe that the jacket’s main drawback is that it is not sewn or folded down on the same row of the weave.

This makes the jacket look not very neat. Even though some users may have realized this, it is only a minor annoyance. It is also not noted on other jackets because they are often covered with tape. The jacket’s slit is covered with the same cotton ripstop material found on the pants.

The jacket is also reinforced with an extra layer of comb weave material at the top of the split. Unfortunately, this material only extends half of the way down. Thus, material is also used in the collar and stitched in with six seams.

The jacket also has double layers present just outside of the lapel near the chest area. This extends out five inches from the lapel. It also runs through the back into the other side of the chest. Additional reinforcements are also present in the armpit where users will find an oval shaped layer in the comb weave.


The pants are ripstop all the way with the exception of the reinforcements that line the interior from the shin to the crotch. This is made of cotton canvas. Although this is a high quality material, some people are disappointed that the cuffs are not taped. In short, the pants are just hemmed and rolled.

At the same time, some people have complained that the pants are really big. The length fits well, but they are baggier than many people hoped for. The bottoms that come with the air are extremely light. This is great for training and competitions in hot weather conditions. People also notice that the cuffs of the pants are much smaller than average.


The Gameness Air is a good gi for people to add to their summer arsenal for their weigh-ins or competitions. The lightweight breathability is a welcome comfort and allows good mobility with a nice slimmer-than-standard fit. Although there are a number of concerns that Gameness should address, this BJJ gi is definitely worth considering for people who want something that is light as a feather at a cheap price.

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