Gameness Elite – BJJ Gi Review

The Cadillac of their line, the Elite is Gameness’ take on a breathtaking yet effective gi that is primarily meant for competition use. Its detailed embroidery and bright red rash guard lining make it one of the most attractive gis on the market. Besides its spectacular aesthetics, the Elite is also a highly comfortable and durable offering, giving it an edge in almost every category.

Though its near $200 price tag is expensive, Gameness Elite reviews have stated that it is well worth the money, with many saying it is the best gi that they have ever owned.

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Simply put, the Gameness Elite is an absolutely gorgeous gi. The bright red stitching and embroidered patches of the same color look great against a white or black gi, and the detail put into them is very noticeable. The patches on the jacket can be found on both the shoulders, the chest, along the bottom of the skirt and on the lower back.

On the pants there is a detailed picture of the Gameness pitbull on the top front of the right leg as well as another Gameness branding patch on the lower back of the left leg. This detailed design combined with the sleek, rash guard material that covers the inside of the jacket makes the Elite by far one of the most beautiful gis available.


Reviews of the Gameness Elite praise it for its comfort and fit. The sleek rash guard on the inside has been likened to wearing a silk robe, and the length of the sleeves and skirt is just right for most every fighter. On top of this, most have said that the Elite experienced very little shrinkage even after multiple washings.

The only complaint against the comfort of the Elite was that it’s a little on the heavy side. The rash guard adds weight to this gi, and though it does breathe and helps to wick away sweat, it can sometimes make the gi a little warmer than some would prefer.

Gameness Elite Gi Review Size Chart

 Height  Weight(LBS)  Size
 5’1”- 5’6”  105-135  A-1
 5’6”­- 5’9”  130-165  A-2
 5’9”-6’0”  160-200  A-3
 6’0”- 6’5”  190-245  A-4
 6’3”- 6’5”  255-300  A-5


For gis that are made primarily for competitive use, durability is sometimes an issue. Fortunately, this is not the case with the Gameness Elite. Many reviewers have said that they have practiced daily in their Elite for years without ever having it to tear.

The rash guard lining, what many would fear would be the first to tear, is made to stretch and move with the fighter and is secured to the gi with multiple lines of stitching. Another interesting design that was put into adding durability to this gi was that the rash guard lining stops a few inches short from the ends of the sleeve and the collar, making sure that an opponent isn’t able to grab hold of it and possibly rip it during grappling.

Though the Elite has all the standard reinforcements in the legs, armpits, side-vents, and collar, it lacks reinforcements or multiple stitching around the jacket and pants cuffs. All said, however, the Elite is an incredibly durable gi that is able to stand up to regular and prolonged use, a rare offering for a gi that is as comfortable and stylish as the Gameness Elite.

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Employing the same pearl weave that is standard of Gameness gis, the Elite’s jacket is fairly typical of most of their other gis except in two areas: aesthetics and the rash guard lining. Indeed, the sleek, comfortable material on the inside of the jacket is the defining characteristic of this gi. As mentioned, it has been likened to wearing a silk robe.

Besides this, the beauty of the Elite jacket cannot be overstated. The lining itself is bright red and covered with miniature prints of the Gameness pitbull. Like the lining, the patches on the jacket are red as well, beautifully embroidered and with no detail ignored.

Even though these are most obvious characteristics of this jacket, it spares little expense on durability as well. Reinforcements can be found in all the stress points and the liner is secured with multiple lines of stitching, ensuring that this gi is one that will last for a very long while.


Reviewers have said that despite being made of the same ripstop material that the other Gameness gis are, the pants of the Elite somehow feel softer and more comfortable.

On top of comfort, the Elite pants are great to look at as well. The pitbull on the front right leg is a nice touch that breaks from the red color scheme, giving them a touch of uniqueness, and having a patch on the back of the lower left leg as well helps add some symmetry.

The Elite pants are made with two belt loops and come with a ripstop drawstring.


If you’re looking to spend a little extra money for a beautiful, comfortable, and durable gi, the Elite is an excellent choice to consider. Many people have said it’s the best gi they have ever owned. Indeed, there is little not to love about the champion of the Gameness line.

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