Gameness Pearl Weave – BJJ Gi Review

Weighing between 3.6 to 4.9 pounds depending upon the size, the Pearl Weave is not a very lightweight gi. The tradeoff of this added weight, however, is a gi that is extremely durable and able to stand up to frequent and abusive use.

Despite the tighter weave, most reviewers have said that the material is still comfortably soft. With extreme durability and an attractive design, the Gameness Pearl Weave is an equally good choice for practice and competition, making it an excellent option for someone who is looking for a durable, multi-purpose gi and doesn’t mind the extra weight.

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Compared to the lighter Gameness Feather of the same cut, the patches on the Pearl are actually quite attractive. Located on both shoulders, the chest, lower skirt and pants leg, the patches of this gi are sleek and well-designed. The Gameness logo, a stern-faced pitbull, is located on the back of the left leg, giving the Pearl an added bit of flare. All in all, the white trim and patches contrast very nicely to the black fabric, making the Pearl a very eye-catching choice.


Finding a gi that fits them well has been a complaint among several reviewers who purchased the Gameness Pearl Weave. From what we’ve been able to find, it does seem that the Pearl tends to run a little larger than most gis, even those produced by Gameness. The pants and jacket sleeves on the Pearl are a little baggier than most, making it more comfortable to maneuver in but also making it easier for your opponent to get a grip on the gi while grappling.

For a weave as heavy as the Pearl, the fabric is still surprisingly soft and comfortable to wear. Still, some have complained that the Pearl is a little too heavy for their liking.

Gameness Pearl Weave Gi blackSize Chart

 Height  Weight(LBS)  Size
 5’3”- 5’7”  115-140  A-1
 5’8”­- 5’10”  145-187  A-2
 5’11”-6’1”  175-205  A-3
 6’2”- 6’4”  210-250  A-4
 > 6’5”  255-300  A-5


Durability is without a doubt the main focus that went into the design of the Gameness Pearl.

The 550 gram, pearl weave jacket is hefty and made of a single piece of fabric, avoiding strength- weakening seams, and the pants are made entirely of ripstop material. On top of this, the Pearl is loaded with reinforcements. They can be found in the armpits, side-vents, and running from the top of the thigh all the way down the shin, making sure that almost any stress-points on the Pearl are thoroughly backed up with extra material.

Though it comes at the cost of added weight, the Gameness Pearl Weave is by far one of the sturdiest gis on the market.

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The jacket of the Pearl is made from a single piece of 550 gram, pearl weaved, 100% cotton material. Despite the hefty weave, most users have said that the material in the jacket is still comfortably soft.

Though the sleeves are a little baggy, the torso of the Pearl Weave is a slim fit, a combination that people who’ve used the Pearl say is very comfortable. The collar of the jacket is filled with rubber and is praised for being sturdy and out-of-the-box flexible, not needing to be broken in like the collars of many gis.

With sleek and well-designed patches on the shoulders, lower skirt, and one on the chest, the Pearl’s jacket is both durable and attractive.


The pants of the Gameness Pearl are made entirely of ripstop material and are very well reinforced. Even with the thick material and multiple reinforcements, most reviewers have said that the pants are also quite light and comfortable, leading to an excellent combination that is very hard to find in a gi.

The waist is lined with six belt-loops and comes with a flat, ripstop drawstring. A second aspect of their design that people seem to enjoy is the detailed pitbull located on the back of the left leg.

Though the pants of the Pearl are a little baggy, leading some fighters to fear that they will be easy to grip when grappling, the combination of comfort and durability that they offer is difficult to match.


For someone who prefers durability over weight, the Gameness Pearl Weave is an incredible choice. Also, the attractive patches and design stand out nicely without being too flashy, perhaps best described as a sleek, aggressive design. Overall, the surprisingly comfortable, 550 gram material and over-the-top reinforcements makes this gi a choice that will last for many years to come.

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