Gameness Platinum Weave – BJJ Gi Review

Soft, durable, and with a high strength-to-weight ratio, the Platinum Weave is Gameness’s update on their bestselling Gold Weave gi. While some mourn the absence of the Gold Weave, the Platinum really does have just as much and more to offer.

A thick, tight collar is designed to be hard to grip, while the rubber it’s made of is still relatively soft and comfortable. Fighters have said that they have trained in their Platinum Weave gis for years without so much as ripping a patch, making the gi yet another long-lasting offering from the award-winning Gameness Sports.

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While some reviewers have enjoyed the Platinum Weave’s large, multiple patches, others have found them to be a little bit much. Perhaps the most accurate description for them would be bulky and graffiti-like, making the design of the Platinum Weave something that is really up to individual tastes.

Patches can be found on the shoulders, down the chest, and on the right leg, each one being a black Gameness branding patch. Covering the entire upper back of the jacket is a portrait of the Gameness pitbull, surrounded by a circle of text.


For a gi of its durability, the Gameness is said to be pleasantly soft and comfortable. Preshrunk cotton also ensures that the fit of the gi will remain consistent. Though it may not be as light and comfortable as some of the ultralight gis, the Platinum Weave is certainly comfortable enough for consistent, pleasurable use.

The only complaints against the comfort of the Platinum weave is that the pants are quite thick and too inflexible for some fighters. Also, the collar is said to very tight. While this can be an aid in preventing chokes, some fighters will find it uncomfortably restricting.

Gameness Platinum Weave Gi ReviewSize Chart

 Height  Weight(LBS)  Size
 5’1”- 5’6”  105-135  A-1
 5’6”­- 5’9”  130-165  A-2
 5’9”- 6’0”  160-200  A-3
 6’0”- 6’3”  190-245  A-4


In terms of durability, the Platinum Weave is one of the best gis for the money. Its custom weave is incredibly strong and can best be compared to a double pearl weave. This, combined withthick rows of stitching and reinforcements in all of the stress-points of the gi, ensures that the Platinum Weave is extremely unlikely to every rip during a fight.

Though there is the complaint about the thick, stiff pants being uncomfortable, there is no question that this adds to their strength, making one of the Platinum Weave’s only weaknesses also an advantage.

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As mentioned, the jacket of the Platinum Weave is made from a custom weave that is unique to the gi and is said to be quite soft. The cut is near a medium cut and the sleeves are a little loose as well. While this provides some comfort and freedom of movement, it can also make it easier for your opponent to get ahold of the gi. The collar, however, does not have this issue. The rubberized collar is thick, stiff, and tight, making it very difficult for an opponent to get a good grip when going for the choke. Some reviews of the Platinum Weave have said that the collar is a little too tight though, making it uncomfortable for some fighters.


The pants of the Gameness Platinum Weave are made from eight ounce cotton and are designed to be incredibly durable. Reinforcements can be found in the crotch of the pants and in the knees. Despite the durability that it offers, many have complained that the fabric the pants are made of is simply toothick, saying that it limits their movement more than they would prefer.

The Platinum Weave pants come with a rope drawstring that allows for better control of the way they fit and is easier to tie and untie when wet than its cloth counterpart.

Gameness Platinum Gi Review – Gi Time


For fighters who prefer a gi made from sturdier, heavier material and weave, the Platinum Weave is a great choice. Gameness boasts that this gi is “best tournament Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi in the world.” While this may be a bit of an exaggeration, the Platinum Weave is no doubt a tough gi that is loaded with competitive advantages such as the tight rubberized collar and custom-made weave.

If you don’t mind the thick pants and block-like patches, this gi is great choice to for practice and competitions alike.

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