Gameness XT Limited Edition BJJ Gi Review

Of the gis that Gameness offers, this one is certainly the most unique. With a hefty 550 gram pearl weave, the jacket and pants both are a little on the heavy side, but certainly made to last. Unlike any other gis that Gameness offers, the XT comes with reinforced elbows, ten belt loops, and pants that are made from the same material as the jacket rather than ripstop. Overall, the XT Limited Edition is a great offering to throw a little variety into the Gameness line.

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Both the white and black models of this gi feature grey and blue patches and stitches that contrast just well enough to be seen but not so much to be a turn-off for those who prefer a gi that’s not so much on the flashy side.

On the left shoulder is the XT logo, and the Gameness pitbull is located on the right. Other patches on the jacket can be found encircling the bottom of the skirt and on the chest. The only patch on the pants is on the back of the left leg towards the cuff of the pants and is another Gameness pitbull.

All in all, the aesthetics of the XT are pleasing. Though not as eye-catching as some designs, the patches are well placed and, best of all, sewn into the gi. This makes the XT perfect for someone who is looking for a gi with modest yet attractive patches that won’t easily tear off.


Fit and comfort is an area where the XT Limited Edition suffers a little. Reviewers have complained that the pants are stiff and uncomfortable and that the jacket shrank considerably after multiple washes. Also, at 550 grams, the weave is very heavy, leading some fighters to complain about the gi being cumbersome.

With this said, features such as using different, softer material for the inside of the jacket and adding ten belt loops to the pants make the XT much more comfortable and fitting than it otherwise would be.

Gameness XT Limited Edition Gi Review Size Chart

 Height  Weight(LBS)  Size
 5’1”- 5’6”  105-135  A-1
 5’6”­- 5’9”  130-165  A-2
 5’9”- 6’0”  160-200  A-3
 6’0”- 6’3”  190-245  A-4
 6’3”- 6’5”  255-300  A-5


Durability is the area where the XT shines. Even though it’s a sacrifice to comfort, the 550 gram material that the jacket and pants are made from is not going to tear easily. On top of this, the XT Limited Edition comes with reinforcements in the elbows, pants legs, and bottom of the skirt. The patches on the XT are made to last as well, with each one being securely stitched into the gi.

Gameness markets this gi as one that will last you well beyond your next belt promotion, and looking at the construction of the XT it’s easy to see that this is true, making the XT a great choice for someone who knows they are going to put their gi through the ringer.

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The jacket of the XT is constructed great and is what most reviews said was the best aspect of the Gameness XT Limited Edition gi. Reinforcements in the elbows help keep the sleeves from ripping and provide a little extra padding for the wearer as well.

Another feature that set the XT Limited Edition’s jacket apart from other Gameness gis is the extra thick, rubberized collar, which reviewers have stated is great for breaking their opponent’s grip.

One knock against the XT’s jacket (besides its hefty weight) is that it seems to be very prone to shrinkage.


Unlike every other gi offered by Gameness, the pants of the XT are not made from ripstop material. While this helps to keep costs down, it is still seen as a flaw in many users eyes, making the pants heavier and stiffer than they otherwise would have had to be. At least, no durability was sacrificed, with reviewers of the XT saying that the pants and jacket alike has stood up to everything they could throw at it.

As covered, another unique aspect of the XT pants is the fact that they have ten belt loops instead of the usual two, making them easier to adjust to a comfortable fit.


If you’re looking for a unique gi that is as strong as iron, the Games XT Limited Edition may be the gi for you. Though the design is not as flashy as some would prefer, the patches are very well made and look clean and well placed on this gi.

Though suffering a little in comfort, the XT is still an attractive, durable choice for someone who wants to purchase a gi that they know will still be serving them much farther along in their Brazilian jiujitsu career.

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