Gameness: The Products and Overview of One of Today’s Leading Jiu Jitsu Gear Providers

By far, one of the biggest names in Brazilian jiu jitsu gear providers is Gameness. For fifteen years, they have been servicing the martial arts industry, providing high quality training gear and gis to fighters who demand only the best. To better understand the mission of the company and why their products are such an excellent choice for Brazilian jiu jitsu enthusiasts, let’s take a brief look at their history, objective, and line of products offered.

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A History of Success

Since it was founded, Gameness Sports has exploded onto the Brazilian jiu jitsu market, quickly becoming the favored brand of some of the world’s most famous fighters and gaining numerous quality and design recognitions. Some of the fighters who have recently advocated and used Gameness gis in their recent competitions include Caio Terra, Osvaldo Augusto Queixinho, and even Kayron Gracie, the latest representative of Brazilian jiu jitsu’s royal family.

On top of such an entourage, Gameness gis have won multiple awards in quality and design, including the most recent recognition of their Pearl Gi which won the 2013 quality award from Jits Magazine. Continuing to excel at producing quality gis and sparring gear, it’s easy to believe that the success of Gameness Sports is something they will continue to enjoy for a very long time.

Gameness Sport’s Objective

To receive the recognition that they have, Gameness has been very clear and focused on what they hope to provide their customers. On their website, Gameness has narrowed down these goals into four categories:

  • Quality Gameness has a reputation of high-quality, long-lasting products. Creating gis that will stand up to the rigor of daily use is one of their most sought-after goals.
  • Innovation The theory that cutting-edge gear can provide a unique competitive advantage is something that Gameness Sports holds firmly to. By creating gis and other products that contain innovations and features found nowhere else on the market, Gameness has set themselves apart in the Brazilian jiu jitsu field.
  • Fashion On top of being durable and effective, Gameness gis are some of the most attractive at any competition. Though never at the cost of function, Gameness strives to make sure that fighters who wear their gear look as good as they perform
  • Easy The final objective of Gameness is that the company strives to make sure that the process of purchasing their products is quick and enjoyable. Offering same-day shipping, responsive customer service, and a wide variety of products, Gameness Sports is able to ensure that their customers are equally satisfied with both the process and the product alike.

Products That They Offer

Gameness Feather Gi Review

Gameness Feather Gi

Gameness sports offers a wide variety of gear to service Brazilian jiu jitsu fighters, including hand wraps, gloves, shin guards, head gear, fight shorts and kick shields. By far, however, their most popular line of products is their high-quality and innovative gis. This line includes some of the lightest gis available in the Air series, the affordable yet durable Feather series, the champion of their line, fashionable and innovative Elite, and the recently released, award winning Pearl series. Within these products, Gameness offers gis for men, women, and children alike in a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, resulting in a line of products that can meet almost any fighter’s needs.


If you are looking to purchase a gi, it would be hard to go wrong in letting Gameness provide you with one of their quality and innovative products. With each one meeting the four points that the company works to reach, Gameness’ line of Brazilian jiu jitsu gis and gear is certainly one of the most attractive choices available for today’s fighters.