Gracie Diet – A diet that actually works

gracie dietThere is so much confusion about what eating a healthy balanced diet entails. There is so much nonsense about low carbohydrate diets, South beach diet, and Atkins diets that true solid nutrition gets lost in all the media hype and fad diet promises. What if you could lose weight and gain muscle and as a bonus, gain self confidence and love for yourself—would you be interested in the eating plan? Of course, you would.

The real problem with the diet fads like Atkins diet is once the initial excitement of the diet wears off, it is very hard to keep eating with limited food choices with little weight changes. The dieter is left to search for the next biggest trend to lose a little weight until that diet becomes old. This is a very common practice with ‘yo-yo’ dieters.

Who is the Gracie’s?

Not many people are more respected than the Gracie’s in the world of mixed martial arts. Originally from Brazil, they are probably the largest family of male athletes in the world. They are also co- founders in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and the discipline of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Carlos Gracie was the first family member to practice mixed martial arts. He noticed there was a link between the nourishment you give your body and physical performance.  Although, he never became a certified nutritionist, he saw first-hand what a poor diet could do to a person’s body.

The right balance

The Gracie diet is all about the right balance. In this eating plan, you eating natural whole foods in the correct combination of foods to bring you maximum nutrition benefit. The Gracie diet breaks all the other trending diet rules. It allows you to consume three meals a day four and half to five hours apart, and no snacks. Yes, no snacks. By eating the right combination of foods, you will find you are not as hungry as you were before eating on the Gracie diet.

gracie diet

The food groups

Group A- meats, vegetables, greens, oils, fats, and seafood

Group B- Most all starches

Group C- Sweet fruit and foods, cheeses

Group D- acidic foods

Group E- Raw bananas

Group F- Milk

This diet has been referred to as a diet that anyone can do and do well on, dummy-proof even. It is a diet plan that works best for those over 40 years old and is not recommended for pregnant mothers.

gracie diet table 1

gracie diet table 2

Anyone can follow the plan

What really makes this diet different is, it does not have a million do and don’ts. It offers a gradual change to your diet making it more likely to be a change for the rest of your life. The biggest rule in the Gracie diet is learning which food combinations to eat together.  Rorion Gracie wrote a book outlining the diet; giving practical advice to keep the dieter focused on not only weight loss but, optimal health and stamina.

Rorion Grace had this to say about the book and the diet plan:

“The book has a very gradual approach on how to implement the changes making it very easy for anyone to adapt, and we also provide support through our site where you can find an interactive list of foods that show you what combines with what.”

Other Gracie diet ‘rules’

One of the biggest rules outside of eating the correct food combinations together is eating until you are 80% full, never allowing yourself to become totally full. This teaches you not to over eat. It reminds you to eat to nourish your body without stuffing your face until your stomach feels like it is going to burst.

Another one of the biggest rules is to fast for one day a month for 24 hours. Fasting can be a great weight loss tool. It provides a way for your body to clean itself from the inside out. When you regularly implement fasting to the eating plan, it creates a scheduled time you can clean your body from all the toxins and processed foods that are so common in today’s diet.

Scientific Evidence

If looking for scientific proof that the Gracie Diet works for everyone, you will not find it. There is absolutely no scientific endorsement other than the thousands of Gracie followers all over the world claiming this diet changed their life, forever. They claim it made dieting simple. Some even went as far as to say that it increased their longevity.

 Ronion Gracie went on to explain how he knows the Gracie Diet works:

 “In order for any diet to be validated, it should be tested or followed for 30 or 40 years. So that by then, one can see the actual result it has produced. Most diets do not go through this endurance test and that is why they become ‘fad diets,’ in other words, they come and go. The Gracie Diet has been in use for 75 years and it has transformed the lives of thousands of people around the world. Uncle Carlos lived until 94 and my father until 95. In fact, the last time I visited my father in his ranch in Brazil, he was 94 and 6 months, he gave me a hug and a kiss and said, ‘Rorion, let’s go on the mat, I want to show you a new choke I have been working on.’ The Diet not only gave them both, long fulfilling lives, but they had a good quality of life as well.”

There is a lot of speculation about which is more important: diet or exercise. If you have to do one without the other which is better? Experts are pretty much divided as both are vital to your well being. Gracie stated if he had to choose, he’d choose the Gracie Diet, every time. Ronion Gracie has full confidence in his family’s plan and knows the diet alone would help him remain in great shape. Thankfully, he doesn’t have to choose. He can be a master in Jiu-Jitsu and follow the Gracie diet.