A Basic Guide to Jiu Jitsu Patches

jiu jitsu patchesBrazilian jiu jitsu happens to be one of the best martial arts for self defense. It has gained lots of following in the last few years and requires people to constantly upgrade their fighting skills through training and hard work.

Because of this, many teams have been established representing various schools to promote the sport’s values. This has also led to the emergence of BJJ patches that can be attached to an athlete’s uniform in order to represent their team.

A Wide Range of Designs

For many BJJ enthusiasts, patches are necessary in order for them to promote their clubs to the mainstream crowd and for easy identification. Today, BJJ gi patches can be woven or embroidered.

Other types of jiu jitsu patches include competitor sponsorships, martial arts supply companies and corporate logos. There are BJJ gi patches that are not related to the sport that are worn on gis. These can be old military patches, cartoon characters or even funny sayings.

A Distinct Identity

Many times, people will see a single academy’s BJJ patches on gis out there. This is because BJJ clubs use jiu jitsu patches in order to promote their organization. At the same time, people should remember that many gis come stock with their own patches.

Due to this, some BJJ schools will allow their students to put as many different BJJ patches on their uniform as they want. On the other hand, some schools are quite strict with this. It is a good idea for students to inquire with their instructors before they sew any questionable jiu jitsu patches on their gis. This is all due to a single important rule.

No Exceptions

According to the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation, patches can only be affixed in authorized regions on gis. The standard model that is followed for gi patching is one that goes from the collar to each of the shoulders, one on each side of the hip and one that runs down the left lapel. Patches can also be placed on the edge of the pants.

Some instructors and schools will frown on students wearing patches that are placed in areas that violate these regulations. They will also be disappointed if they find their students are wearing their previous school’s jiu jitsu patches on their current gi. However, people should bear in mind that this rule is loosely implemented as many high level BJJ practitioners compete with BJJ gi patches from sponsors attached to many other places on their uniforms.

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