Keiko Raca Limited Edition – BJJ Gi Review

When people first start to train in the arts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, they may not feel that they need an expensive gi. However, if they intend to train and compete with the best out there, then it is important that they should spend a bit more cash on one that is made of high quality materials.

Of all the gi’s that are designed to meet the rigid standards set by BJJ enthusiasts, the Keiko Raca Limited Series offers the highest quality while still being very fairly priced. Aside from that, it is stylish but not overbearingly flashy. It also has a cut that is perfect for lanky and tall fighters.


The Keiko Raca Limited Edition gi is manufactured using Keiko’s hybrid double weave. It also has a minimalist design that is hard to find in other premium BJJ gis today. It is available in navy blue, standard blue, black and white. Each of these colors features a contrasting trim on the borders of the jackets for a clean look. Patchwork includes a couple of shoulder patches, the Brazilian flag, a lapel patch and the Keiko Raca logo on the arms. Aside from that, it has patches on the lower legs and a small patch located on the back of the collar.

The embroidery looks excellent and does not have any loose strings or frayed edges. The patches also have nice colored fonts to give this BJJ gi it’s stylish look. The lapel is made from rubber core that is very thick and stiff making it hard for opponents to get a secure grip.

keico raca bjj giFit/Comfort

The body of the jacket comes pre-shrunk, but the sleeves and pants will shrink to the user’s size depending on how they wash and dry it. It is also lighter than other BJJ gis on the market today. This makes it great for hot summer days and tournaments. Many people also noted that this gi is very soft and is not scratchy or abrasive.

Aside from that, there is also enough room that users do not feel that they are buckled into their gi. It is also not heavy on the shoulders. However, users can still feel the gi’s substance. It also has a cut that is slightly slimmer making it great for tournaments.


The construction of this gi includes reinforcements in the underarms and knees. This makes it hard to rip off during tournaments and training sessions. Aside from that, the gi is made from heavy-duty cotton with reinforced stitching and double-lined from the thighs down to the cuffs.

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Keiko Rica Limited Edition Gi ReviewJacket

Many people like the jacket on this BJJ gi. With the exception of the giant racecar-style patch on the front, it is very stylish. The collar is also made with a special material that makes it firmer and thicker while remaining competition legal. At the same time, the patches are simple and more or less out of the way.

The embroidery and flag at the left and right elbows are not distracting. This is a simple and nice gi jacket that makes wearers stand out. The sleeves also have large openings. This can pose a big problem as they are pretty easy to grab. The jacket’s weave is simply fantastic. It is not rough on the wearer’s skin, and it will not give their training partner gi-burn when practicing cross chokeholds.


The pants are where this BJJ gi wins by a large margin. The Keiko pants are made from a heavy cloth, and they are very long. The material feels good against the wearer’s legs, and it does not get the worn-in-knees look as quickly as other BJJ gis do.

However, this gi’s pants has one main drawback. Because it was created in a classic style, the string does not utilize ripstop technology. It frays very easily and becomes difficult to tie.


Overall, this is a great choice for both advanced-level and beginner Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners. This BBJ gi is made of the highest quality materials, extremely durable and very comfortable. With a starting price of only $157 on the official website, it is very affordable as well.

The gi also holds its own when compared to much more expensive BJJ gis that cost over $200. With a number of colors to choose from and plenty of placement for personalized patches, this is one BJJ gi that every practitioner should have.

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