Best Top 3 Gis For Kids

Part 1: Proforce Gladiator Judo Uniform

/In pure, crystal clear white, this kids jiu jitsu gi uniform is a great item for those beginning the sport. It is made of firm and durable material, giving the wearer a feeling of security and control under its protective layer. The cut and general make-up of the uniform allows for an assuring, secure grip around the waist while also supporting the back. Coupled with its durability and strength, the Proforce Gladiator Judo Uniform provides the wearer a feeling of confidence and conviction.

The Proforce Gladiator Judo Uniform is made of 100% cotton and feels comfortable and generous to the skin. It is available in a wide range of colors and sizes, which makes it accessible to children and older students alike. The flexibility of the fabric creates a comfortable fit suited to the individual wearer. The Proforce Gladiator Judo Uniform is available at a reasonable price. Its quality makes this uniform a smart and safe buy for the judo aficionado.

Proforce Gladiator Judo Uniform

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Part 2: Fuji Kids BJJ Uniform Gi

Made of heavy weave cotton, any kid will feel comfortable and confident in the excellently made Fuji Kids BJJ Uniform Gi. The gi was thoughtfully designed to include unique features, packaged with two patches which can be sewn on as well as a pair of white belts. The Fuji Kids BJJ Uniform Gi is a high quality uniform made to last. The Fuji Kids BJJ Uniform Gi stands up to plenty of washes, as its color is touted for its resilience to fading. This is a crucial factor to take into consideration when buying a suitable uniform that will inevitably be subject to lots of wear by its young wearers.

Because the Fuji Kids BJJ Uniform Gi was made with quality in mind, it won’t let down parents who want to get value for their money, and it won’t let down the enthusiastic learner who is actively practicing in the sport. The Fuji Kids BJJ Uniform is preshrunk, which ultimately safeguards this kids’ jiu jitsu gi as a maximally durable and long-lasting piece. It is available in three colors: blue (as shown above), white, and black. This variety of choice in color is will allow the kid more expression and individuality. The Fuji Kids BJJ Uniform Gi also comes in a full range of children’s sizes, stretching up to Adult A1 size.

Fuji Kids BJJ Uniform Gi

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Part 3: JJ/Judo Kimono Uniform

No doubt due to its great looks and high quality, this bestselling uniform is made of single weave, 100% bleached cotton. It is of a sturdy and robust weight, with the jacket at 500gm and the pants weighing in at a sound 10oz. It also comes with a solid white belt with ample space for stripes for those in the sport working towards grading as they progress in their skills. The JJ/Judo Kimono Uniform has been very thoughtfully designed with excellent attention to detail, as can be seen in the embroidery on both shoulders, on the back of neck, and on the pants. Further, three flags are woven on both shoulders in the Olympic style.

All of these unique features make for a uniform that takes itself seriously and will help put its wearer in the right frame of mind. These bestselling uniforms all go through a pre-shrinking process, rendering them resilient to shrinkage which can happen with other uniforms of inferior quality. The JJ/Judo Kimono Uniform is also resistant to color bleeding, which is particularly important when ensuring that the uniform stays in top condition throughout its use. Comfortable on the skin, this is a sleek uniform that will give the wearer comfort and confidence both physically and mentally.

Judo Kimono Uniform

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