Koral MKM BJJ Gi Review

The Koral MKM is a high performance BJJ gi designed for world class competitions as well as tough jiu-jitsu training. This gi features a combination of lightness and is not so thin that it enables an opponent to grip its wearer easily. As with all Koral’s gi, the MKM is manufactured with a single piece of fabric for comfort, durability and strength.

This makes it very popular among BJJ gi enthusiasts around the world. This Koral gi review will unravel why this BJJ gi is widely used by top fighters and Brazilian jiu jitsu enthusiasts around the world.

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The stitching on the MKM is very clean. At the same time, the patches are really nice. This sets it apart from Koral’s standard classic gi. Users will find a traditional patch on the left hand side. It has a red fist, and it also says Koral Fight Company.

However, some people claim that this patch can easily be removed especially when pulled by an opponent. This is something that Koral should improve on the MKM in the near future. The left and right shoulders have a traditional patch as well.

What many people notice is that the stitching is different. It is not really tucked in and is just cut and sewed on. The design of the MKM has a nice classic Koral look. At the same time, it is available in three colors. These colors are white, navy and blue. Unlike other BJJ gi’s on the market, the three colors of the MKM are approved to be used both in training and competition.


The MKM has a competition cut so that gives users a tailored feel to the fit. An online Koral gi review also stated that it fits close to the body. At the same time, both the trousers and the sleeves are tapered so there is minimal amount of excess material. This makes it hard for the user’s opponents to secure a decent grip on their gi.

As for comfort, the lapel is not too thick. However, it has the capability to hold its form well with a rubber core. Some BJJ gi collars will cause itching on the wearer’s neck and will leave them with red marks on the side of their throat. This is not the case with the MKM. The collar feels soft on the skin.

koral gi reviewSize Chart

 Height  Weight(LBS)  Size
 5’2”- 5’5”  110-140  A-1
 5’5”­- 5’9”  140-170  A-2
 5’9”- 6’1”  170-200  A-3
 6’0”- 6’4”  200-250  A-4
 6’0”- 6’4”  225-275  A-5


The gi was made for competition just like Koral has claimed. Although Koral cannot specify the weave, many people believe that it was manufactured from one piece. This means there are no seams at the gi’s back. This makes the MKM one of the strongest gi’s out there today.

At the same time, the weave is not as thick as gold weave and not as thin as a pearl or single weave. Although the weave is quite light, it is highly resistant to damage and very durable. The MKM is also claimed to be pre-shrunk. This claim holds true. It holds its size when people tried to wash it at temperatures that Koral does not advise.

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The collar and lapel of the MKM appears to be a bit thicker than those found with many classic BJJ gis on the market today. At the same time, the fit of the MKM is similar to what online Koral gi reviews express. The weight and weave are identical outside of the collar and feel a bit more rigid with the MKM.

Many users think that this is attributed to the fact that the MKM is newer and the extra thickness found in the lapel and collar. The bulkiness and length in the arms is very acceptable. Many users do not like the feeling that they are swimming in their gi, and this was avoided with the MKM.

The collar is quite thin and pretty close to some of the leading BJJ gis. However, the main difference between the MKM and its competitors is that it’s collar is much stiffer and sturdier. At the same time, the stitching on the collar is very heavy.

The lapel also features a rubber core that helps the MKM’s collar keep its shape. This rubber core also helps the lapel to dry quicker because the rubber does not hold any water after it is washed. Aside from that, it helps prevent fungus and bacteria from developing. It also has a medium stiffness that makes it harder for an opponent to secure a decent grip but still supple enough for its user to be comfortable.


The pants on this gi are one of the aspects that many people like about this Brazilian jiu jitsu uniform. A popular online Koral gi review says that many people feel like the gi was custom tailored to fit them. The pants on the Koral gi are fitted but not so much that they will fail an inspection conducted by the IBJJF.

The only gripe that some people have with the pants is that it has a traditional drawstring as opposed to the rope style that many competitors have adopted. People can get these drawstrings very tight, but removing them is a different story.

Some people complain that these strings are bit hard to remove when they are soaked in sweat. Untying these strings is not the real issue. Once they are untied, they are simply too tight against a user’s waist. Aside from that, it requires a little tugging in order to loosen the hold that they have created against their user’s hips.

Even though they have some issues with the strings, these gi pants make up for this problem with their overall fit. At the same time, some users believe that the only modification Koral can make to these BJJ pants are double string loops.

This gives users more stability in the pant’s enclosure portion. Another reason why these pant are quite popular among Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioners is that they feature an extra layer of material to help reinforce the knees.

However, some people complain that their pants develop annoying white bunches around their knee area. At the same time, some of them complain that the pants get heavy. Some people believe that this is happening because the pants are retaining sweat.

Koral MKM Gi Review


The Koral MKM is definitely great to wear and a very durable gi.  At the same time, this is likely the best Koral gi around since Koral’s Old Classic Model. At the same time, it has a thin collar that is harder to manipulate than average collars that are found in many competition gis. Even though the pants tend to retain most of the user’s sweat, it is still very good in terms of material and weight. Overall, this is a very good BJJ gi to have around.

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