Koral USA: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Extraordinaire

Since its inception, Koral USA has been razor focused on providing high quality gear to the Brazilian jiu jitsu community. Though they offer gear for boxing, MMA, judo, and muaythai, Koral is best known for the line of Brazilian jiu jitsu gis that they produce. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of their most popular gis as well as a brief insight into the company’s mission.

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An Overview of Koral USA

Founded in 1997 and located in Signal Hill, California, Koral USA products are currently exported to stores and fighters in over twenty-five different countries worldwide. Being USA based in a single location, Koral is able to achieve a combination of small-time manufacturing and big-time success that allows them to produce their gear in a personalized manner while still retaining mass popularity across the martial arts world.

And indeed, this strategy appears to have paid off well for Koral, with fighters such as Eastern European Open Jiu Jitsu Champion Adriana Vukovic sporting their gis at competitions.

Koral’s Manufacturing Process

One of the things that make Koral gis so unique and desired is the process in which they are manufactured. For one, in order to make their sizing charts, Koral uses live models to test their gis.

This method ensures that the gis they produce are the appropriate length, cut, sleeve size for the size of the fighter they are designed to be worn by. Along with this, Koral USA makes all of their gis out of 100% cotton that is pre-shrunk and put through a non-disclosed “industrial processing system” to ensure maximum fit, comfort, and durability.

The final unique feature of Koral gis is their fast drying, anti-microbial collars that add to the gi’s comfort and longevity.

Koral Gis

Koral Classic Gi Review

Koral Classic Gi Review

Compared to some companies, the line of gis that Koral USA produces is rather small, with only four models designed for men and one designed for women currently available. This, however, allows Koral to focus on honing the gis that they do produce to the highest possible quality.

One of the most popular gis that they produce is the MKM Competition gi. Durable and form fitting, this gi is made to provide the best possible competitive edge by fitting as tight as is allowed against the body and by being rough and hard to grip on the outside.

Another popular gi made by Koral is the Light, which is Koral’s take on a lightweight gi that is designed to be more durable than the rest of its competition in the category of lightweight gis.

Finally, the third spectacular gi that is the Classic, a solid, hefty yet comfortable gi that cuts out all the fluff and replaces it with strong reinforcements.

All said, Koral gis are the foot soldiers of the Brazilian jiu jitsu world. There’s nothing overly elegant about them, but they are tough, functional, and made to win.

Koral Team Training

Choosing Koral

As could be expected, purchasing a gi that is made with the standards and attention to detail that Koral gis are will cost a little more money than other options. Still, these gis make up for this in the sheer quality received.

All of the Koral gis made are processed and shipped from Signal Hill, California, and Koral is said to have never lost the small-business, personal approach to customer service that they were founded on.

Whether you purchase the comfortable yet sturdy Light, the advantageous MKM, or the tough-as-nails Classic, wearing a Koral gi at your next Brazilian jiu jitsu competition is sure to be one the best choices available today.