Lucky Gi: Fighting For What’s Right

About Lucky GisIn today’s big corporation run world of cutting corners and shrugging responsibilities, it’s always great to see a company that strives to do what’s right by their customers, workers, and the environment. With Lucky Gi, not only do they accomplish all of this, they also produce a quality line of attractive and functional gis as well. In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at how Lucky Gi got their start, their mission and some of the things they are doing in the industry today, and the excellent line of gis that they offer for Brazilian jiu jitsu fighters.

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The History of Lucky Gi

Lucky Gi is said to have got its start during a conversation between some of the most recognized fighters in the world. After talking with BJ Pen and David Camarillo, Scotty Nelson, the man that would go on to found Lucky Gi became inspired to design a gi that didn’t have all of the tiny flaws that the three men had noticed in so many other gis that they had used in their Brazilian jiu jitsu careers.

After moving to Brazil, Mr. Nelson learned the ins and outs of what went into making a gi, collecting a large array of sample gis in the process. After a long and quite interesting dip into making gis of his own which included being too confined to tradition in Brazil and nearly being kidnapped in Pakistan, Mr. Nelson decided the best place for him to stretch convention and manufacture his own line of gis would be China.

From there, Lucky Gi was born, quickly growing a substantial following and still remaining a massive player in the jiu jitsu arena due to the quality of the gis that they produce.

Lucky Gi’s Processes and Products

Like the origin of the company itself, the line of gis that Lucky Gi produces, as well as the manner in which they are produced, are quite interesting and unique, and are integral to the success of the company. As mentioned, Lucky Gi decided not to manufacture in Brazil due to the strictly traditional approach of the people Mr. Nelson encountered there.

This decision has allowed Lucky Gito produce an unconventional line of gis made form bamboo fabric, making them more durable and environmentally friendly than their cotton counterparts. Lucky Gi also decided against manufacturing in Pakistan due to the condition of the conditions of the workers there, making them as admirable as they are effective.

On top of their line of bamboo gis, Lucky Gi also makes gis out of hemp, a material that has eight times the tensile strength of cotton.

Specific gis that Lucky Gi produces include Limited Edition Diaz Brothers Gi, made to have an old-school style with a modern quality and sponsored by two of the world’s most famous fighters, the extremely soft and comfortable Cail Edition Gi, the Fleur-De-Lis Gi, made from bamboo that is said to have an incredible list of benefits that ranges from expanding to let air in when it’s hot and contracting to provide insulation when it’s cold, kills bacteria, is light and strong, and is environmentally friendly as well, and of course the ridiculously durable Lucky Hemp Gi.

Choosing Lucky Gi

Purchasing a gi from Lucky Gi isn’t cheap, but the price pales in comparison to the quality received. Testing the waters with a wide range of materials and processes, Lucky Gi is on the cutting edge of what works best, translating into gis that will outperform and outlast most any of their competitors.

Along with this, buying a gi from Lucky Gi would be supporting a company that loves the art of Brazilian jiu jitsu and puts their workers and the environment first, making Lucky Gi one of the most outstanding choices you could make in regards to purchasing your next gi.