Moya Sapphire Kola – BJJ Gi Review

One of the most highly-rated Brazilian Jiu Jitsu products on the market today is the Moya Sapphire Kola gi. This is an IBJJF-approved gi that has white contrast stitching and trim. It also has an EVA-foamed collar, a 450 pro-weaved jacket and 12-ounce cotton twill pants. It comes in different sizes from A0 to A5 and should cover anyone with a height of 5’1″ to 6’7″. The Sapphire Kola has a price tag of $170.00


The Sapphire Kola brings people the ability to satisfy their personal gi preferences. The artwork is a combination of embroidery and patches, and the bright white color really pops up against the blue pro-weave. The Coca-Cola font is a great addition as well. The gi has patches located at the bottom side of the jacket’s back, the right sleeve, on the front and on the right side of the pants. All in all, this gi has a ton of detail and personality

moya sapphire


The cut on the gi perfectly fits its wearer. Both the pants and the jacket are nice and soft, and the taping is smooth. There is no scratchy material here at all. Aside from that, the gis do not feel fluffy.

What enables it to achieve this high comfort level is that it is made from 100 percent cotton. This material also enables it to shrink perfectly to the wearer’s size. People should hot dry and wash the gi to get it to shrink down. However, it will tighten up a little bit after repeated washing.

Size Chart

 Height  Weight(LBS)  Size
 5’1”- 5’4”  115-140  A-0
 5’4”­- 5’8”  140-165  A-1
 5’8”- 6’0”  165-200  A-2
 6’0”- 6’3”  200-230  A-3
 6’2”- 6’4”  230-250  A-4
 6’4”- 6’7”  250-275  A-5


The Sapphire Kola has a standard reinforcement in the hips, crotch and side vents. Unfortunately, this support is missing in the armpits, one of the most common stress areas in a BJJ gi. It also has a triple-stitched seam and four rows of stitching on the bottom of the jacket.

The breakaway thread really stands out, and the stitching throughout the gi is uniform and solid. Many users also noted that the quality of the stitching has held up without any threads starting to come undone. The overall light construction of the gi pants along with the minimal stitching means that if a thread does start to work out of a stitch, it will be significant. With that being said, the gi feels excellently made and strong.

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Moya Sapphire Kola Gi ReviewThe first thing that people notice about this BJJ gi’s jacket is that it stretches about an inch or more from the beginning of the class to the end. Although some users personally do not mind this because the sleeves are a bit on the short side to start with, it is highly noticeable.

With this jacket, people sweat a lot while leaving their mobility unaffected. However some BJJ enthusiasts noted that the gi is a shade darker by the end of the class and also quite a bit easier to hold on to. The soft fabric and the high stretch give the opponent plenty of sleeve to obtain a grip.

Fortunately, many of users do not find this to be an issue especially when the gi is still a bit dry. This is because they can still break sleeve grips without any difficulty. Some believe that this is due to the texture of the material itself. The gi top is quite long at the waist and is not easily pulled out from beneath the belt like other BJJ gi models.


Unlike on the jacket, users do not notice a lot of of stretch on the pants. This is because the pant legs do not get pulled as often as the sleeves. The general smoothness of the overall waist apparatus along with the design of the drawstring makes it fast and easy for a user to adjust the pants to the level of tightness that they desire. As a result, many wearers do not have any problems with their pants falling down.

The drawstring is another great feature that people notice right away. There is a sheath of fabric found on one end of the drawstring that looks great. Aside from that, it prevents the drawstring from being pulled into the pants. This makes tying the gi much easier without the user having to look at what they are doing.


This is definitely one of the best gis to hit the market recently. The design, cut, personality and build quality are all excellent. Unlike other BJJ gis, the logo placement and lettering are minimal and simple. The blue color is also really nice as it is bright.

Overall, this gi feels and looks like an expensive BJJ gi and is definitely an upgrade over a starter gi that is under $100. This is highly recommended for BJJ enthusiasts who are looking for a comfortable and well-designed gi to train in.

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