Moya Gis: Wild, Free, and Ready

Few companies on the martial arts scene take an approach quite like Moya. Representing a lifestyle of bravery and adventure and fulfilling freedom, Moya provides the gear necessary to go out and live that life.

Besides their quality gis and other jiu jitsu gear, Moya is also active in the sport of surfing as well.

In this article, we’ll take a more in depth look at Moya’s unique approach, their recent accomplishments, and the premium line of Brazilian jiu jitsu gis that they offer.

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The Moya Way

Researching and purchasing a Moya gi may feel like an entirely different experience than it would with many martial arts suppliers you may be used to dealing with. Their free-spirited, family-oriented approach and involvement in sports outside of jiu jitsu such as surfing make them a very unique company indeed.

With that being said, the end result is still desirable and the same as it would be with any other respected: a high quality, competitive gi. We’ll cover some of Moya’s most popular gis in a bit, but for now, the point is just to appreciate the unique flavor that Moya provides. In some way, this unique, untamed spirit is transferred into the styling and design of the gis they produce, making Moya all round one of the most unique and adventurous gi choices available today.

Moya’s Recent Success

moya sapphire

Moya Sapphire

As with any accomplished gi manufacturer, Moya is supported by an impressive network of fighters sporting their apparel. Some of these fighters include Bill Cooper, the Pan American gold medalist in Brazilian jiu jitsu and a silver medalist in the World Jiu-Jitsu Championships, multiple gold medalist Rolando Samson, and IBJJF world champion Jordan “che” Landry, just to name a few of their more accomplished supporters.

On top of this impressive showcase of fighters wearing their gis, Moya is also active in preserving the art of Brazilian jiu jitsu, as well as surfing, skateboarding, their close-knitted family, and anything else that rings a bell with their free and wild mantra.

Moya Gis

Besides offering a line of gis that is as unique as their approach, Moya offers a comparatively large variety of gis to choose from as well. These include the durable yet light Ivory Tech (which is the gi of choice for Rolando Samson), the beautiful Sapphire Kola, the extremely light (around 3 lbs for an A2) Decart, the World War II era Navy inspired Lost at Sea, the ultralight and red contrast stitched Hawaiian Cloth, the Golden State inspired, California Son (also a lightweight gi) and lastly the gi of choice for the Pan American gold medalist Bill Cooper, the durable Bill Cooper Signature.

With designs such as these, Moya gis are guaranteed to be one of the most eye-catching gis to be seen at almost any competition, and Moya’s quality construction ensures that they are every bit as functional as they are attractive.

MOYA Brand Gi Commercial

Choosing Moya

Sometimes, you just want to purchase something a little unique. If that desire ever hits you when you’re looking for your next gi, Moya is an excellent company to consider. Their distinct approach and eye for detail makes them one of the most unique names on the Brazilian jiu jitsu market. With signature designs such as the Lost at Sea and California Son, the line of gis that they offer add a unique flare to the art, while their attention to detail and quality features make them a highly functional choice as well.

All said, Moya adds a touch of something different that can only be admired, providing a line of jiu jitsu gis that will please those who have both an eye for the extraordinary and a desire for the best.