Shoyoroll: The Cadillac of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis

In the jiu jitsu community, few names are so synonymous with top-of-the line quality (and, at times, rarity) as Shoyoroll. In truth, Shoyoroll has developed an effective business model that makes sure it stays this way. From incredibly humble beginnings, Shoyoroll has quickly rose to one of the most sought after gi manufacturers on the market. In this article we will take a look at how Shoyoroll got its start, the reason for their success, and the exclusive line of gis that they produce.

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From Rags to Riches

To say that Shoyoroll didn’t exactly start out as the most revered name in business would be a bit of an understatement. Shoyoroll’s founder, Vince Quitugua says that the company started out as a hobby, one that he ran out of his garage and that, initially, did nothing but cost him money.

Over time, however, word began to spread about the attractiveness, comfort, and quality of the gishe was producing, and Quitugua started to see more and more of them showing up at various competitions. Slowly, momentum began to build, eventually building up to the force that Shoyoroll is today.

From not being able to sell enough gis to break even to selling out of their limited edition batch runs in just hours after they are released and becoming the diamond standard of jiu jitsu gis, Shoyoroll has certainly experienced a whirlwind ride, one that Quitugua wouldn’t change in any way.

What Sets them Apart

There are several noticeable aspects of a Shoyoroll gi that makes them so sought after. For one, they’re rare. Even with the success they’ve found, Shoyoroll continues to produce their gis in relatively small batch sizes, especially for their limited edition models.

This fact alone make Shoyoroll gis sought after, but their appeal goes far beyond their scarcity. One of the most profound of these is how subtly attractive they are. Quitugua claims that one of his main goals in starting was to merge functionality and design, without sacrificing either one. Indeed, looking at a Shoyoroll gi shows that the latter of these was certainly well achieved.

Shoyoroll gis are sleek and attractive in a way that isn’t over-the-top. If you pick one up and wear it, you’ll notice that they got the functionality part right too. Many people believe that Shoyoroll gis are the best fitting, most comfortable gis available today, while quality manufacturing and no-expense-spared design ensures their durability as well.

All said, what sets Shoyoroll gis are the full package. If you can get your hands on one, it may just be the best gi you’ve ever owned.

Specific Shoyoroll Gis

As another key to their success, Shoyoroll is constantly coming up with new gis to add to their line, leading to an impressively large offering of unique gis. Of these, some of their more recent models include the yellow and grey contrast stitched, 450 gram gold weaved Batch 11, the durable yet lightweight Comp Standard XII, and the just released Absolute Cut, a gi that is specifically and carefully designed in a new cut that is meant to flow with and contort to the body as it rolls.

With models such as these only making up a small sample of the gis that Shoyoroll has produced, the selection of Shoyoroll gis is limited only by availability.

Shoyoroll – What Jiu-Jitsu does for me

Choosing Shoyoroll

If you demand the best, Shoyoroll is the gi for you. They are simply the standard of excellence, widely accepted across the Brazilian jiu jitsu community as the most revered name in the industry. Due to the small batch sizes and high demand, Shoyoroll gis aren’t easy to come by, and for this reason they aren’t cheap either, but if you can find and afford one, their quality is unparalleled.