Strength Training for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Strength Training for BJJWhen you have two individuals of the same weight, body type, age, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu knowledge, the individual that is stronger will always have the advantage.  Not only will they have the strength to aid their submission attempts, but they will also have the strength to escape the submissions attempted by their opponent.

Sweeps, submissions, positions, and your ability to control your opponent all start with your GRIP STRENGTH.   When you are doing your strength training, the end result is to get stronger, not to tell your buddies how much weight you moved.

  1. The Dead Lift – Ditch the weight straps so that you are actually working your grip strength along with your Glutes, Hamstrings, Upper and Lower Back.
  2. Chest Press – for your chest, shoulders, triceps, and forearms.  When you’re doing these, imaging you are pushing yourself away from the weight and be sure to keep your entire back flat on the bench.
  3. Climbing – Grip strengthening, regardless if you are climbing rock walls or the rope to ring the bell.
  4. Controlled Pull-Ups – You know the pull-up, just keep the movement of your lower body to a minimum to get the best results.  Remember, two proper pull ups are more beneficial than ten pull-ups where you’re flailing all over the place.
  5. CORE – While your abs are not able to grab, they are extremely vital to the success you have on the mat.  The Woodchop, Plank, Cable Crunches, Barbell Rollout, and the “Scrunchies” demonstrated by Ronda Rousey are perfect exercises that will burn and strengthen your abs.
  6. DRAG – From Chains to Trains, drag something to improve the strength in your feet, legs, and waist.  The faster you want to move, the lighter the item should be.
  7. Loaded Carries – Some people refer to these as farm carries.  Loaded carries work on strengthening your grips, challenge your posture, and puts stress on your entire body.
  8. Squats – Works the entire lower body, helps strengthen your core, and increases your join flexibility.

Just like your jiu Jitsu techniques, you took your time to drill them slowly to understand the movement before you started attempting that at a higher speed.  Be smart with your strength training and take the time to understand the proper movements and to learn the proper technique to avoid injuries.

The key to your strength training is to make you STRONGER, not BULKIER.  Remember that the more muscle you have, the more oxygen will be required.

Finally, if you have any questions about the movements, be sure to seek out a professional who will be able to answer your questions.  Videos and Google are great, but having a trained professional be able to give you feed back on your technique and posture is priceless and will not only help you get your results faster, but will also avoid injury.