Tatami Estilo 4.0 – BJJ Gi Review

Loaded with reinforcements and coming with a 550gsm, single piece, pearl weave jacket, the Estilo is obviously a gi that is designed to take anything a fighter could throw at it. On top of this durability, the Estilo is an attractive offering, with a variety of bright orange patches that provide a unique look against the black fabric of the gi.

Though some reviewers have complained about the pants bunching, this gi has also been said to be reasonably comfortable for the weight, making it a great, all-round choice and the prize of the Tatami line.

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With a rarely-seen color scheme of orange and black, the Estilo is a surprisingly eye-catching gi. A circular, Estilo logo can be found on the left shoulder and near the bottom of the right leg, and long branding patches run down the right shoulder, the chest, and down the hip of both legs.

Other aesthetic features include seam tape on the bottom of the skirt and inside the cuffs. As mentioned, all of these are a bright orange, making the Estilo pop in a unique and not-too-flashy way that many fighters will appreciate.


At 550gsm, the jacket of the Estilo is not the lightest choice available. With that being said, most reviews of the Estilo have said that it is a surprisingly comfortable gi. The material on the inside of the jacket and pants is softer than that on the outside, making it comfortable to wear while still maintaining durability.

Also, the rope drawstring that comes with the pants allows for a better control of the fit than a cloth drawstring provides. While still within regulations, the sleeves and pants legs of the Estilo are shorter than most; some like this, others do not. The only real complaint about the comfort of this gi is the fact that the waistband has a tendency to bunch up during rolling.

Tatami Estilo 4.0Size Chart

 Height  Weight(LBS)  Size
 5’2”- 5’6”  125-154  A-1
 5’7”­- 5’9”  154-198  A-2
 5’10”- 6’0”  198-220  A-3
 6’1”- 6’3”  220-276  A-4


Durability is by far the Estilo’s strongest suit. Made of a solid piece of fabric and with reinforcements and extra stitching found in the armpits, shoulders, side-vents, sleeve cuffs, bottom skirt, and the side split, the jacket of this gi is strengthened in just about every way Tatami could have imagined.

Not to be outdone, the pants of the Estilo are highly reinforced as well, with triple-stitching running from the waste all the way down the legs and a knee pad that goes from the thigh to the ankle. Like the jacket cuffs, the pants cuffs are also reinforced with seam tape.

All of this combined with the Estilo’s sturdy 550gsm pearl weave material make this a gi that is in every way built to last.

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As mentioned, the jacket of the Estilo is reinforced in almost every conceivable way, making it an attractive choice for a fighter who puts his gis through a lot of rough training. Despite this, however, the jacket is also highly comfortable.

Many reviewers have stated that they could feel the robustness of the 550gsm material when they were holding this gi, but when they put it on it was as if it was lighter. This, along with the well-designed patches, makes the jacket of the Estilo the gi’s most remarkable feature.


Despite the extra-long knee pads and added seam tape around the cuffs, the pants of the Estilo are just about the only aspect of the gi that most reviewers have found an issue with, their strange tendency to bunch up at the waist being one of the few knocks against this gi.

Nonetheless, the five belt-loops, rope drawstring, canvas material, and previously mentioned reinforcements seem to more than make up for this complaint.

Tatami Estilo 4.0 Review


Even though the Estilo is the most expensive gi that Tatami currently offers, it is still a highly affordable choice for someone who is looking for an extremely durable, well-rounded gi that can stand up to frequent practice and also be well-fitted for competition use. Though a little heavy, the Estilo is one of the best reinforced gis available, and its bright orange patches will stand out at any competition, making this gi a great choice for someone who is looking to purchase an affordable, long-lasting, and multipurpose gi.

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