Tatami Nova BJJ Gi Review

Several BJJ companies now produce budget Brazilian jiu jitsu gis for beginners. The Nova Basic is Tatami’s Fightwear contribution to this steadily growing market, and it is a very good one. Soft, slim-cut and lightweight, the Tatami Nova Basic is a very strong contender. Although some gi reviews recommend other brands due to their cheaper price, there is not a big different in the strain on the user’s wallet.

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The Tatami Nova Basic is available in three colors in addition to a woman’s version. These colors are black, blue and white. What Tatami Nova gi reviewers like about this uniform is that it is very well designed for those on a smaller budget. This is because Tatami created the Nova with a very clean look in mind.

It also has a small patch located on the right hip of the pants and patches that span the length of the shoulders. Tatami gi reviews regularly state that the shoulder’s patches can be removed easily without leaving any trace unlike other Brazilian jiu jitsu gi’s out there.

This is good news for BJJ enthusiasts who like their uniforms plain. It also has a very strong and flexible weave that is triple seamed. This makes this gi perfect for beginners as well as experts.

Unlike other brands, Tatami has created this apparel with a white belt BJJ size uniform. Its practical design also makes the Nova the least blinged gi in Tatami’s product line.


Many users have also expressed that the Tatami Nova has a very slim fit. This is definitely good for someone who is a bit lanky and long. Because of this, Tatami gi reviewers would not recommend this for people who are bit out of shape. The sleeves are also a good length, but some users complain that the skirt is too long for their liking.

Despite its slimmer cut, many users found that they have plenty of shoulder room and mobility in the chest area. They also said that it is incredibly light not just in its physical mass but also in the gi’s feel. This is due to its tapered cut along with a form-fitting design.

Because of this, there is isn’t much material for their opponents to grab on to, and users do not feel like that they are stuck on the mat trying to wriggle out from their partner’s top heavy game. When it comes to material, the Nova feels quite comfortable on the skin due to its fairly soft weave.

Even when an individual wears a rash guard, they have a tendency to get friction-related abrasions with other BJJ gi’s out there. However, this is more bearable with the Nova. Due to this, many BJJ enthusiasts choose this uniform as their go-to apparel for competitions that do not allow players to wear rash guards.

tatami nova gi reviewSize Chart

 Height  Weight(LBS)  Size
 5’2”- 5’4”  120-155  A-1
 5’7”­- 5’8”  155-190  A-2
 5’10”- 6’0”  190-225  A-3
 6’1”- 6’3”  225-270  A-4
 6’4”- 6’4”  270-305  A-5


Many BJJ enthusiasts believe that the Tatami Nova is a very durable Brazilian jiu jitsu gi. In terms of visible tear and wear, the only noteworthy damage is popped seams that have no bearing on the gi’s performance whatsoever.

Admittedly, the gi’s sleeves will often stretch a little bit when ferociously grabbed by a spider guard. However, the majority of users have yet to encounter a gi that does not stretch at all during competitions and sparring. With regards to reinforcements, all the usual places are tripled-stitched.

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The Tatami Nova Basic’s material is very lightweight at only 425 grams per square meter. The mesh is manufactured from a single weave and is softer and more durable than the older ones. The gi’s collar is manufactured from rubber rather than foam. It is also pretty neutral as it is not too thin, not too thick, not too soft and not too hard.

The rubber material also helps the jacket dry quickly when washed and has high resistance against bacteria. Aside from that, the sleeve seams are adequately covered with tape, and it has no seam at the back.


The pants feature eight ounce cotton twill that has a fine weight. This feature does not detract from the gi’s functionality. This makes the trousers very light but not too flimsy. They are also adequately reinforced from the mid lower leg to mid thigh height with an extra cotton twill layer.

The pants also have a rope instead of a cotton belt to help tighten the pants and provide comfort for users. This drawstring type is much better than the flat twill alternative. The crotch height stands a little bit higher than other gis found on the market.

Aside from that, the presence of less cloth in the area helps get rid of any unnecessary bagginess. It also has a taped hem found in the leg cuffs. This is something that not all manufacturers include. Though it is not mandatory, it is still an extra reinforcement for the wearer.

Even though the pants feel incredibly thin and light, there are a number of nuisances. Many people find that the pants tend to stick to their skin when covered with sweat on hot days. This effectively reduces their mobility when trying to exchange take-downs or pass guard. They also do not sit very well on the hips.

At the same time, there are only two cord loops that allow the rope string to ride up the user’s waist once in a while. This is something that Tatami should improve on.


The Nova Basic offers good quality along with some details that are not usually available in gis in the same price range. Although there are some things that people would like Tatami to improve on, this BJJ gi should still be many people’s budget choice.

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