Tatami Sub Zero Ultra-Light Competition – BJJ Gi Review

In the world of Brazilian jiu jitsu gis, ultralight gis are in a category of their own. While they may not be the best choice for prolonged, daily use, ultralight gis make incredibly comfortable and effective choices for competition use, making them a must have for any serious fighter.

Among these gis, the Tatami Sub Zero is one of the most unique and well-reviewed choices on the market. Unlike most all other ultralight gis, the Sub Zero is not made from non-standard materials (which can cause a gi to be deemed illegal at stricter competitions) or ripstop (which some say is not as durable as they would prefer).

While the Sub Zero is a very basic looking design, features such as an extra stiff collar, eight ounce twill cotton pants, and a bungee-style drawstring make the Sub Zero a great addition to realm of ultralight, competition gis.

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To help keep the weight down, the patchwork and embroideries on the Sub Zero are nearly nonexistent. While those who don’t prefer a flashy gi may see this as an advantage, many would prefer a more attractive design, especially considering that the gi is made primarily for competition use.

Though the Sub Zero has no patches, embroideries can be found on the left shoulder, bottom left leg of the pants, and on the back of the collar. The color of these embroideries is a turquoise and black design that contrast well enough against the white gi.

All in all, the aesthetics of the Sub Zero are very basic, and though the tradeoff is lower weight and cost, it isn’t the most attractive gi available.


Reviewers have absolutely praised the comfort of the Tatami Sub Zero, saying that the 350gsm jacket and 8 ounce twill cotton pants are an absolute dream to grapple in. Besides being light, the material of each is incredibly soft. As an added bonus to the Sub Zero’s comfort, the rubberized collar of the jacket is bulky and stiff, keeping it from rubbing uncomfortably against the wearer’s neck.

Regarding the fit, most have said that Tatami’s sizing chart for this gi is very accurate and that it experienced minimal shrinkage after washing.

Tatami Sub Zero Ultra-Light Competition Gi ReviewSize Chart

 Height  Weight(LBS)  Size
 5’4”- 5’6”  125-176  A-1
 5’7”­- 5’9”  176-187  A-2
 5’10”- 6’0”  187-220  A-3
 6’1”- 6’3”  220-254  A-4


As expected out of any ultralight gi, the Sub Zero is not the most durable gi available. While extremely light and comfortable, the 350gsm jacket will simply not stand up to same level of punishment that a heavier material will. Also, as with the patches, some reinforcements such as those usually found in the armpit, have been left out to keep down the weight.

With this being said, the gi is made from a sturdier material than ripstop, setting it ahead of most ultralight gis in terms of durability, and reinforcements can be found in the knees and side vents of the gi, making its durability more than acceptable for the purpose it was intended for.

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The jacket of the Sub Zero is made from 350gsm pearl weaved cotton that is so light and soft that reviewers have said that they could tell they were going to enjoy wearing it as soon as they lifted it out of the box. Besides its material, the Sub Zero jacket also comes with an enjoyably beefy, rubberized collar and deeper side vents.

The only drawbacks to this jacket are its lack of armpit reinforcements and of course the lack of patches.


Like the jacket, the pants of the Sub Zero are incredibly light and comfortable. The eight ounce twill cotton pants are soft, light, and simple in design. Though the material is obviously not as strong as the pants found on heavier gis, reinforcements in the knees help to give them some added durability.

The waistband of pants is outfitted with two belt loops and the gi comes with a bungee-style drawstring that most Tatami Sub Zero reviews have found very favorable.

Tatami Sub Zero G BJJ GI Review


If you’re looking to add an ultralight gi to your collection (which is a choice that most Brazilian jiu jitsu enthusiasts should definitely consider) the Tatami Sub Zero is certainly an excellent option. While not as flashy as Tatami’s other ultralight offering, the Zero G V3, this gi is arguably more durable. With comfort that’s hard to beat and enough reinforcements to guarantee it will hold up for many years of competition use, the Sub Zero is a great choice for someone looking to purchase an ultralight backup to their standard, practice gi.

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