Tatami Zero G V3 – BJJ GI Review

The Zero G V3 by Tatami is a high quality, extremely lightweight gi with a primary purpose of competition use. Priced around $125, this GI is very affordable considering the quality received. The jacket is made of 475gsm Pearl Weave reinforced material and has a rubberized collar to prevent moisture absorption.

This gi has a very attractive design that demands attention without being over-the-top or flashy. Though there are questions about its ability to take abuse, particularly concerning the pants,the weight, comfort and style of the gi lead to many Tatami Zero G V3 reviews to praising it as an excellent choice for competitive use.

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The Zero G V3 is a highly aesthetically pleasing gi, with bright blue patches and embroideries that contrast well against the black fabric. It has Zero G branding patches placed down the shoulders and legs, as well as patches on the belt, inside the collar and on the back of the collar, giving the gi plenty of color and embellishment.

The material is 10 oz. heavy cotton throughout the jacket and pants and is pearl weaved in the jacket.


Most reviewers have said the Zero G V3 is a highly comfortable gi and a real pleasure to roll in. The pants are a tapered fit and include a drawstring-style waistband that can adjust comfortably to a number of waist sizes. The fabric of both the jacket and the pants is softer and lighter than most gis, making it a popular choice for comfort and freedom of movement.

One issue that some people have had with the Zero G V3 is getting one that fits them well. The general consensus is that this gi runs a little larger than most, but with a little bit of washer-shrinkage most online reviewers said that they were able to fit comfortably into the gi.

Tatami Zero G V3 ReviewSize Chart

 Height  Weight(LBS)  Size
 5’4”- 5’7”  132-154  A-1
 5’7”­- 5’9”  154-187  A-2
 5’10”-6’0”  187-220  A-3
 6’1”- 6’3”  220-254  A-4


Perhaps one of the only downsides of purchasing this gi is its questionable ability to take prolonged punishment. The material is simply too light to be as durable as some gis on the market, and though the jacket appears to be comparably strong, many reviewers don’t feel as if the pants can stand up to the task of long-term use. Still, there aren’t many complaints to be found about the Zero G V3 ever actually tearing or wearing out, meaning that it may very well be much stronger than it appears.

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The jacket for this gi is made of a single piece of fabric to avoid uncomfortable and strength-decreasing seams, one of the most praised features in most customer reviews of the Tatami Zero G V3. On top of this, the jacket’s collar and lapels are rubberized and covered in ripstop cotton for durability and to prevent moisture absorption.

Made of 10 oz. heavy cotton stitching, pearl-weaved material and weighing only 475gsm, the jacket of Zero G V3 is both lightweight and robust, as well as soft and highly comfortable. Reinforcements can be found behind the side- vents and in the armpits of the jacket. Bright blue graphics on the shoulders of this jacket really make it stand out and give it that added bit of flare.


The pants of the Zero G V3 are made of surprisingly soft, 10 oz. cotton. Four durable belt loops line the waist, and a rope drawstring allow for the pants to adjust comfortably to various waist sizes while still remaining comfortable and secure. Double knee reinforcements extend down to the bottom of the pants, but, as already mentioned, many feel that pants this light and soft are not cut out for daily use.


The Tatami Zero G V3 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to purchase a lightweight, attractive, and quality gi for competition use. Its appealing graphics and quality construction set it apart from most other gis in its price range.

With this being said, there may exist better options for someone who is looking for a gi that they can use (and misuse) on a daily basis without worrying about tears. With a gi this light, however, there has to be some tradeoff in durability, making it still an extremely attractive option in the field of lightweight gis.

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