Tatami Fightwear: Eat, Breath, Sleep Jiu Jitsu

For a newcomer to the Brazilian jiu jitsu market, Tatami Fightwear is certainly making an impact on the martial arts world. The Tatami line of gis, patches, and jiu jitsu accessories have quickly become some of the most popular choices available for new and veteran fighters alike, making them one of the most recognizable and esteemed brands available. In this article, we’ll take a look at Tatami’s history, objective, and some of the most popular gis that they offer.

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A Short but Spectacular History

Founded just five years ago, the history of Tatami is a fairly short one. What they have been able to accomplish in this time, however, has been remarkable. In 2009, Tatami Fightwear was started in the United Kingdom by Gareth and Lee in order to fill a gap in affordable, quality products for the Brazilian jiu jitsu class that Gareth was teaching.

Since then, this mission, along with their motto of eat, breath, sleep jiu jitsu, has taken off, propelling them up to “brand name” status. Today, Tatami sponsors some of the world’s most recognizable fighters, including Fernando ‘Terere’ Augusto, Robson Moura, Dean Lister, and Pablo Popovich.

Even with fighters such as these wearing their products, Tatami has not forgotten their humble roots. Through their sponsorship program, they continue to offer opportunities to both upstart Brazilian jiu jitsu fighters and seasoned veterans alike.

A Respectable Mission

Since its founding, Tatami has taken great strides to stick to their goal of providing quality and affordable Brazilian jiu jitsu products. As can be found on their website, they strive to build a solid reputation, produce better gis and gear, and support Brazilian jiu jitsu academies and shops across the globe. With their products now available in thirty different countries, it’s safe to say that they have achieved these goals and more.

As mentioned, Tatami’s sponsorship program also provides chances for fighters who don’t yet have celebrity status. From teaching students, to continuing this program, Gareth had tirelessly given back to the Brazilian jiu jitsu community, making the mission of Tatami that much more respectable.

RMNU and Tatami Fightwear

High Quality, Low Cost Gis

Tatami Estilo 4.0Tatami was started to provide affordable gis to fighters who aren’t able to spend hundreds of dollars on their gi, and this is a mission that they continue to pursue. With not a single gi that they currently offer being priced over $200 and with several models under $100, Tatami still manages to be one of the highest rated and most respected gi suppliers on the market.

Though Tatami offers a wide line of products, ranging from rank belts and gear bags to t-shirts and shorts, their claim to fame is their high quality and affordable line of Brazilian jiu jitsu gis. The Tatami line of gis include the basic and rugged Nova, the beautiful and innovative Estilo, and the ultralight Zero G.

Tatami offers these three models in a variety of colors and sizes, made for men, women, and children alike, and with fighters like the ones mentioned above donning these gis in their competitions, there is little room to question their quality. This makes Tatami gis one of the most affordable and respectable choices available for Brazilian jiu jitsu enthusiasts everywhere.

Choosing Tatami

With such a recent founding and admirable mission, it’s hard not to root for the continued success of Tatami Fightwear. Also, considering the quality and affordability of their products, it’s easy to imagine that continued success is something they will most certainly enjoy.

Whether it’s the light and flashy Zero G or the durable and basic Nova, choosing to purchase a Tatami gi is a choice that you will not regret.