Venum Absolute – BJJ Gi Review

Every brand of gi manufactures has a model that serves as the champion of their line. For Venum, it is the Absolute. Besides being the top gi of a top company, the Absolute has a second claim to fame: it is the gi of choice for multiple time world and Pan American Brazilian jiu jitsu champion Rodolfo Vieira.

With a gold weave pattern, this gi is the only model offered by Venum that is not a single weave. This adds incredible durability, but at 650gsm the gi is also quite heavy. This, combined with the Absolute’s tendency to shrink, may be one of the only drawbacks that the gi has. Still, with a striking design, a robust durability, and a surprising comfort, the Absolute is undoubtedly deserving of the respect it has been given.

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The design of the Absolute can best be described as aggressive, and this is a compliment in every sense. “Venum” is artistically written across the chest and down the left leg, and the company logo can be found on the bottom of the skirt, on the left shoulder, spanning across the top back of the jacket, and printed all across the inner lining of the collar. While this may seem pretty standard, the aesthetics of the Venum logo are absolutely remarkable. Though their logo is referred to as a snake head, it is a well-designed optical illusion that can also be seen as spider. Having nature’s top two venom-producers combined into one logo is a design feature that demands to be appreciated.

On the blue and black gis, these patches are white, and on the white model they are black, ensuring a great contrast to show off these top quality designs.


The inside of the Absolute’s jacket is lined with a softer material than is found on the outside of the gi—a popular choice for higher end gis that want to improve comfort without sacrificing durability. Reviews of the absolute have also stated, that unlike many gis of its weight, the Absolute is highly flexible and allows for a wide range of maneuverability.Even still, at 650gsm, the Absolute is one of the heaviest gis that you can find. Another drawback to the fit is that a couple reviewers have stated that they have had issues with the gi shrinking after washing. One feature that does help with the fit of this gi, however, are the A1.5 and A2.5 size options. These allow for a fit that is more custom-tailored for the body types that usually fall between sizes.

Venum absolute giSize Chart

 Height  Weight(LBS)  Size
 5’5”- 5’7”  120-145  A-1
 5’7”­- 5’8”  145-155  A-1.5
 5’7”- 6’0”  155-165  A-2
 5’8”- 6’0”  165-180  A-2.5
 6’0”- 6’2”  200-200  A-3
 6’2”- 6’5”  250-260  A-4


Any time you have a gi that is made from 650gsm, gold weaved material, durability is not going to be an issue. On top of this, the Absolute features an extra stiff collar and triple stitching across all of the usual stress points.

Reviews of the Absolute have said that the gi has stood up to years of continual use without ever showing any signs of wear.

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The jacket of the Absolute is everything you would expect from a jacket made out of 650gsm gold weaved material: heft and almost bulletproof. Still, the high quality cotton and soft inner-lining makes sure that it is also highly comfortable to wear. A thick, rubberized collar helps break an opponent’s grip and is stiff enough to keep it from rubbing against the neck.

On top of this, the patches on Absolute are striking. Though it may be confined to the symbolic, it’s a nice thought to think that the formidable snake head on the back of the jacket will be guarding your blindside at your next competition.


The pants of this gi are pretty equal with the quality of the jacket, complete with the same triple stitched reinforcements in all the areas that are most likely to experience a tear and sporting even more of the great Venum snake head patches.

The only knock against the pants is that many would prefer to see them outfitted with a rope drawstring rather than a cloth one.

Venum Absolute Review


If you want to purchase a gi that achieves maximum durability without hardly any sacrifice to the comfort of the gi, the Absolute is the choice for you. Looking great, feeling soft and flexible, and built like Kevlar, the Absolute is more than competitive with any of the other premium gis produced, making it no wonder that it is worn by the most accomplished Brazilian jiu jitsu fighter in the world.

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