Venum Competitor – BJJ Gi Review

If an individual has watched an MMA event, they probably have seen at least a dozen Venum walk out shirts and shorts. This is because there are at least 30 different Ultimate Fighting Championship fighters sponsored by Venum.

Aside from that, Venum has a line of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gis that include gold weave and single weave models. One of the company’s leading single weave gis is the Venum Competitor. What makes its stand out from other BJJ gis on the market is that it comes in traditional sizes and different colors.


The Competitor is not quite as flashy as other gis in the same class. However, it has enough patches and embroidery to look great while rolling on the mat. Some of the details that are added to this gi include Venum embroidery and patches on the pants and jacket. It also has contrast gold stitching.

Hints of Brazil are found on the loops and waist ropes with “Jiu-Jitsu” embroidered on the chest. It also has Venum branding across the back shoulders. Aside from that, the gi has snake heads printed on the inside collar. It also has skirt slits that are lined in yellow canvas to serve as an additional design element.

venum competitor giFit/Comfort

Aside from its design and aesthetics, the Venum Competitor also gets a high grade when it comes to fit and comfort. The inside of the cuffs are lined with satin tape that gives users the extra comfort that they need. Aside from that, many people have claimed that it is a lot softer than their other gis.

Some users even claim that it is so comfortable that they forget that they are wearing the jacket. Unlike its competitors, the gi is made in half-sizes. This allows for a perfect fit for everyone.


The Venum Competitor is reinforced at stress points. Aside from that, there is extra reinforcement at the slits and armpits on the sides of the shirt. The jacket collar is foam-filled, has good thickness and is also more flexible than most collars found in leading Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gis.

The pants are made from canvas and have triple stitching at stress points. To add to its durability, it has a canvas gusset and five rows of stitching on the cuffs of the pants. Additionally, there is reinforcement in the slits on the pant sides. It also has reinforced collar and chest panels for added rigidity and superior combat performance.

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Venum Competitor BJJ Gi

The Competitor jacket is made of a lightweight single weave. This makes it very comfortable to wear and great for both training and competition especially in hot weather. It also has green contrast stitching and is adequately reinforced at stress points. The skirt slits are lined in yellow canvas that serve as an additional design element.

As stated earlier, there is extra reinforcement at the slits and armpits. Although some people notice that there is overstitching on this BJJ gi, the seams are all uniform and tight. One of the reasons why this BJJ jacket is comfortable to wear is that the cuffs are lined with satin tape.

The jacket’s collar is also foam-filled. However, it has all around thickness and is more flexible to wear. This Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi also has a black label inside the jacket.


The pants are made from canvas and have the same green contrast stitching that is found in the jacket. There are also six yellow belt loops along with a green flat cord drawstring. Aside from that, the gi has triple stitching at stress points that can handle any strenuous fall.

At the same time, the pants have five rows of stitching on the cuffs and a canvas gusset. There is also additional reinforcement at the slits on both sides of the pants. Unlike other BJJ gi pants, these come with knee reinforcements. However, they are pretty small. They do not extend down very far ending 14″ from the cuff. Similar to the jacket, the pants have their fair share of embroidery and patches. There are two different embroidery spots and three patches.

There are also identical patches found on each upper outer thigh immediately after the side slit. What many people like about these patches is that they can be removed easily with a stitch ripper. Although the patches are elegantly designed, some people complain that there can be a little fraying on the outside of the patches after a training session. Fortunately, it does not affect the entire integrity of the seam. The fit and cut of the pants is well suited for someone that has a solid build. Unfortunately, the fit is not great for people who are tall or lanky.


For only $149.99, this is one of the best professional BJJ gis on the market. Aside from that, the overall design and construction clearly give it an edge over its competition. It is also very comfortable to wear and great for both training and competitions. With the Venum Competitor, people will have the BJJ gi that perfectly complements their performance at every skill level.

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