Vulkan Gis: The Real Jiu Jitsu

Any company that describes their primary goal as “constant evolution” is quite likely to be on the cutting edge, and with Vulkan, a jiu jitsu oriented company that strives to consistently provide the market with new and fresh ideas, this goal is only the start.

From helping jiu jitsu to flourish to caring for the environment in their manufacturing processes, Vulkan is as admirable as they are effective. In this article, we’ll delve a little deeper into the history of Vulkan, the reason for their success, and the quality line of Brazilian jiu jitsu gis that they currently produce.

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The Vulkan Mission

Founded in 2003, Vulkan was started to fulfil the single purpose of creating a gi unlike any other that was available at the time. Since then, this has remained their focus, with the goal of constantly evolving and adapting their products and procedures to remain above the competition and adjust with the ever changing martial arts world remaining their primary key to success. On top of these goals, Vulkan is also on the forefront of developing manufacturing processes that are equally safe for their workers and the environment as they are effective, making Vulkan a most admirable business model in the Brazilian jiu jitsu market.

Vulkan Gis

vulkan gi review

Vulkan Pro Light

Besides their history and their manufacturing processes, the line of gis that Vulkan produces speaks for itself, making them a highly respected name among fighters across the world.

This line includes the amazingly lightweight (around 2.6 pounds depending upon the size of the gi) Ultra Light, the durable yet still extremely lightweight Pro Light, the environmentally friendly Eco Training Gi which is made from raw cotton and no chemical additives, the unique, limited edition children’s gi, the Flag Series, and even a Pro Light gi made for toddlers.

Indeed, Vulkan is one of the foremost providers for gis designed for women and children, with most all of the models they currently produce being made for men, women, and children alike. The very fact that they make versions of their best gis for women and children, not resorting to a different, less effective model, sets them apart from many gi manufactures today.

Yet beyond this, the gis they have available are excellent choices for most any fighter. All Vulkan gis are 100% pre shrunk, made from Vulkan’s highly successful, Honeycomb weave, and are manufactured in Brazil. As a bonus to all of this, Vulkan gis are quite affordable as well, with prices comparable with gis of much less quality.


Choosing Vulkan

Deciding to let Vulkan outfit you with your next gi is certainly a valid choice. With both the Pro Light and Ultra Light under three pounds, Vulkan is known for making some of the most lightweight gis available today.

Another thing they are known for is producing gis specifically made for women and children that are every bit the quality, comfort, and attractiveness of their regular line, making them perhaps the best choice available for those tired of having to search high and low for gis that are made specifically for them, and equally tired of settling on a gi that isn’t up to standards when they do finally find one. With a great line of gis made for both sexes and all ages, Vulkan eliminates this problem.

Vulkan strives to remain on the cutting edge of gi production, and the gis that the innovations they have produced are certainly reflective of this; their Honeycomb weave is one the strongest and lightest weaves available, making their gis very desirable for competition use. If you are looking to purchase the lightest gi on the market, or if you are needing a quality women’s or children’s gi, look no further than Vulkan.